Published on november 28, 2016

SMART STYLE: Celebs Who Shop Secondhand

written by Team thredUP

Here at thredUP, our mission is encourage shoppers and fashionistas alike to think secondhand, first! (Ahem, that’s why it’s our hashtag!) When fashion’s greatest influencers, a.k.a. celebrities, promote shopping secondhand or rock upcycled materials, it’s only natural that we celebrate that. Case in point, we were so thrilled when secondhand looks were well represented at this year’s Met Gala!

To keep the secondhand love going, here’s a little feel-good celebrity gossip highlighting how some of our favorite stars are big fans of shopping secondhand.


1. Sarah Jessica Parker  buys only secondhand clothing for her son. After seeing the documentary, The True Cost about the labor and conditions in the fast fashion industry, Sarah Jessica is now thinking twice about buying new fast fashion. Additionally, her character’s wardrobe on HBO’s Divorce is all sourced from flea markets and other secondhand retailers.


2. In 2010, Drew Barrymore famously wore a $25 secondhand dress on the red carpet! She’s also cited her love of flea market shopping and was voted in our 2015 Back To School survey to the be the most likely celebrity to shop secondhand. It must be her impeccable style paired with her down-to-earth attitude that created that impression.


3. Jada Pinkett Smith and her über cool mini-me, Willow Smith, are an indisputably stylish mother-daughter duo.  They have caught the lens of the paparazzi on their many outings to Santa Monica thrift stores which they frequent for the distinctive style they’re famous for. Jada’s look spans from edgy to glamorous and her knack for mixing in unique secondhand pieces rocks.


4. This New Girl is known for her fun and colorful boho style. As a singer, songwriter, musician, actress, and trendsetter Zooey Deschanel totally rocks one-of-a-kind finds. She has been seen cruising secondhand boutiques and flea markets in search of playful and unique pieces. Her personality is infectious and her style is certainly enviable.

Which celebrity inspires you the most with her style? Were you surprised to learn that these ladies love a great bargain and a unique find? Tell us in the comments!