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Chic Reusable Items for Your Kitchen

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We certainly get the temptation to skip out on filling your life with reusable items—after all, it’s much easier to throw away an empty water bottle or messy plastic bag than to rewash and reuse it. But in terms of small impacts that make a big difference, it doesn’t get much bigger than cutting throwaway plastic out of your life. So we’ve rounded up some reusable products that are way more good-looking and high-functioning than their wasteful alternatives. You’ll want to use them again and again.
bkr reusable water bottles
Water, water everywhere: Single-use water bottles are big business (the average American goes through 167 per year), but they’re also bad for the environment: making them chews through 17 million barrels of oil annually, enough to fuel 1.3 million cars for a year. There are plenty of stylish alternatives to a standard Nalgene: the gorgeous glass-and-silicone Bkr comes in a variety of colors is a favorite of celebrities, while the Eau Good not only looks great, but has a built-in Japanese charcoal filter. For kids, Eco Vessel‘s fun bottles come in fun pirate, spaceship, and owl designs, and are stainless-steel (which means they’ll stand up to abuse).