Published on april 16, 2019

Exclusive Interview with Celebs and Activists Olivia Wilde and Babs Burchfield of Conscious Commerce

written by Team thredUP

It’s t-t-time!!! Choose Used is HERE! We literally couldn’t be more excited to share this dream collaboration with you. It’s everything. We partnered with Olivia Wilde and Conscious Commerce to create a limited edition collection and social movement designed to combat textile waste. You know we care about this stuff, and we know you care about this stuff, but it’s a whole new level of amazing when celebrities are using their voice and influence to support a cause that matters so much right now.

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The Choose Used capsule collection includes over 4000 upcycled T-shirts, sweatshirts, and denim jackets, each printed with a statement design that encourages consumers to Choose Used to lighten their fashion footprints. Every design is screen printed by hand on a used item and available in an inclusive range of sizes and styles. For every #chooseused item purchased, 10% of net proceeds will go to the thredUP Circular Fashion Fund. We’ll be replenishing styles and adding new designs so check back often! 

“No new garments were used in the making of this collection.”

There are 3 ways you can speak up for the planet and join the #chooseused movement.

1. Shop the thredUP x Olivia Wilde & Conscious Commerce Choose Used collection

2. Buy any garment on thredUP starting on Earth Day and receive a free Choose Used enamel pin.


3. Share why you Choose Used on Instagram with the hashtag #chooseused and thredUP will donate $1 to the thredUP Circular Fashion Fund, which supports organizations and individuals committed to a more sustainable future.

Want to hear the scoop straight from Olivia and Babs? Read on to hear their thoughts on conscious living, choosing used, and consuming fashion today.

Why do you choose used?

Olivia Wilde: I’ve been collecting vintage clothes since I was 12 years old, scouring thrift shops everywhere I went. I’ve always loved owning pieces that tell their own story. For instance, for 23 years I’ve owned a bright yellow Crazy Eddie T-shirt, and people from the East Coast who remember that INSANE electronic salesman always stop me and get so happily nostalgic when I wear it. I love the idea that used clothes have been on adventures before I came to own them. You can feel that each piece has a soul.

Babs Burchfield: I don’t love to shop, I love to find. Finding an old worn-in tee from a throw-back band or moment in time at a flea market is GOLD. Vintage tees and jeans make up the majority of my wardrobe but there isn’t much out there these days that is one-of-a-kind. I’m drawn to pairing old with new for the most unique look.


Tell us a bit about your lifestyle approach to conscious living.

Olivia Wilde: To me, consciousness means awareness: living with your eyes open. To live consciously means to understand your effect on the world, and how you fit into the larger lifecycle of the planet. In terms of business, I believe consciousness means transparency. Consumers deserve to know the life cycle of the garments they’re buying. Our dollar is our vote!

Babs Burchfield: I wake up every day thinking why we as humans keep repeating the same choices that have led to disastrous results.  How do we unlearn our bad habits? For me, the first step is asking questions and educating ourselves. At Conscious Commerce, we are constantly on the hunt for innovative ways to make normal goods better, healthier and more impactful.

Fill in the blanks:



Something no one knows about you?

Olivia Wilde: I am truly and utterly terrible at math.

Babs Burchfield: I don’t know, ask Olivia. Actually, maybe this is something even she doesn’t know—I am extremely embarrassed by others lip syncing.

If you could change one thing about the way people consume fashion, what would it be?

Olivia Wilde: If everyone bought just ONE used item instead of new this year, it would have a huge collective and positive impact on the planet.

Babs Burchfield: If only every garment we ever purchased could come with a report card of the journey it has been on, the impact it has made on the earth, the people who made it, and how to care for it properly to last as long as possible, would that be too much to ask?oliviaWildeChoosesUsed-emailSecondary_02

Tell us what YOU’RE doing to support the #chooseused movement. We know it’s a lot!