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Coat Hooks from Repurposed Animal Toys

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No more toys “lion” around!

By Taran Goecke, Head Writer at The Greensheet.

It’s not hard to accumulate a heaping pile of toys these days.  If unmanaged, Christmas and birthday gifts alone seem to gobble up another spare room each year! And they’re obsolete in what… one month?

Plastic animal toys, above all, are always abundant and easily forgotten. But don’t give them the toss just yet—there’s an upcycle for that! Dr. Mom, it’s time to do a little creative surgery and put together some jungle inspired coat hooks.

What you need

  • Minimum of 3 small plastic animals
  • Disposable application brush
  • 1 in. sponge brush
  • Loctite Construction Adhesive
  • Dry erase marker
  • X-Acto Knife
  • 6X2” Flat board with 3 closet hooks

 1)    Remove the center hooks

With a Phillips screw driver, unfasten and remove the center hook on the board. This will open up space for your three new jungle friends!

2)    Draw Incision marks

Using a dry erase marker, draw a circle around the animals’s neck. Sometimes, you’ll be lucky and there will be a natural bonding mark left by the manufacturer. That was the case with the tiger below.

3)    Guillotine

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 1.43.43 PM

Dun dun dunnn… So comes the hard part: decapitation. It sounds brutal, but ultimately, it makes for some really cool, upcycled coat hooks.

Take the X-Acto knife and carefully cut along the incision.  I ended up using a kitchen knife, since an X-Acto wasn’t handy.

If you’re dealing with a hollowed out neck, congratulations! You have an easy job (for now). If not, Momma start your see-sawing.  Begin at the side and keep a consistent back and forth motion going until you’ve cut your way through to the other side.  It’s really important that the bottom fits flush against the board.

4)    Attach heads to wooden board

a)    If you’re dealing with a solid plastic, this step will be easier for you. Using your disposable application brush, apply a thin layer of Loctite Construction Adhesive. You won’t need much!


b)    Are your heads hollow? If so, you can approach this several different ways. You can apply adhesive to the edges and attach them for decorative purposes, or if you insist on actually using the heads as hooks, you can fill them with hardening filler. Once filler (if you use any) is dry, apply a thin layer of Loctite Construction Adhesive to the bottom and attach to the board.

5)    Let dry

The actual adhesive takes 15 minutes to set, so you have that long to make sure all the heads are aligned right. After the 15 minutes has passed, let your board sit for 24 hours to dry. Once a day has passed, test the hook with a slight tug.  Not feeling so secure? Add a layer of clear super glue to the outside perimeter of the heads. Let it sit for another 24 hours.

6)    Mount

Find a vacant spot on the wall and mount it! You’re now “hooked up” with a fun, eco-friendly decoration that’ll keep a couple more items off that messy floor!

Jungle animals not really your kid’s style? Mix it up with Barbie dolls, dinosaurs, or other plastic figurines that are taking a nice, long siesta in your storage boxes.  Have you done something similar? Share it!

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