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Coffee Talk With Capsule Wardrobe Blogger Harben Porter

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Let’s get to know San Francisco-based capsule blogger Harben Porter!

Harben started her blog a year and a half ago as a way to share her personal capsule wardrobe experience. In addition to blogging about lean-closet living, she also covers topics like DIY home design, calligraphy, ethical fashion, and secondhand shopping.

What’s your favorite part about living in the city?

There is so much I love about San Francisco! One of my favorite pastimes is just to take an afternoon to walk a new route through the city. I love admiring the architecture and popping into a random coffee shop, or trekking through an unexplored neighborhood to get to the beach. It’s pretty amazing to live in a place where any cool thing I could ever need or want is within walking distance.

What’s San Francisco’s best-kept secret?

I don’t know if it’s a secret, but the hike that leads you from Cole Valley up to Sutro Tower and through a massive eucalyptus grove is pretty magical! It really feels like you’ve left the city altogether until you get to the top and take in an unbeatable panoramic view.

How would you describe your style?

This one is always tough, but I’ll give it a go! At this point I strive to create outfits that read chic and effortless, with an element of California cool thrown in. I love my structured blazer just as much as my vintage oversized Levi’s jacket.


What’s your signature look?

A structured blazer and a loose silk button-up casually tucked into vintage jeans, and a pair of eye-catching shoes (heeled clogs or patent leather loafers, for example).

What’s your philosophy on fashion and style?

Style is really all about confidence, so wear what you love and what makes you feel like your best self. On the fashion side, I strongly believe that investing in fewer pieces of higher quality will always outshine trendy, fast-fashion items.  I love the saying about fashion being what you buy, whereas style is what you do with it.

Why do you love building a capsule wardrobe?

For me, the greatest gift that capsuling brought me is a sense of clarity. I love waking up knowing that even if I don’t give myself a ton of time to put an outfit together, I am going to love what I’m wearing. The beauty of having an edited closet is just that. It’s edited, and if done right, it should only be full of your most favorite things.

What are the most versatile items to include in a capsule?

This is totally subjective, but I have to say that my Chelsea boots and leather jacket were clutch to the success of my capsules. Both can be dressed up, or dressed down for a casual- yet-polished look.


West Coast or East Coast: West. Duh.

Bagels or Donuts: Bagels.

Heels or flats: I can’t. I love them both.

“Girls” or “Game of Thrones”: “Girls”

Music or podcasts: Music, but I do love me some podcasts. Call Your Girlfriend is my current favorite.

Coffee or tea: Coffee.

Summer or winter: Winter. I’m a sucker for warm layers and spicy candles.

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