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Coffee Talk with Home Stylist Emily Henderson: Holiday Edition

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The family is in town, there are treats to make, and presents to wrap, but how do you do it all without having a total holiday meltdown?

Home stylist Emily Henderson has a few words of wisdom when it comes to party throwing and staying Zen even when the Zin runs out.

The holidays are so crazy, how do you stay calm and collected?
I think you have to forego all your normal routines (working out, sleeping, etc.) and just embrace the insanity and have fun. There is nothing calm or collected about me most of the year, so why would I all of a sudden try to be someone I’m not? It’s the holidays. Embrace the chaos and eat and drink through it.

There’s so much peppermint bark! How do you avoid the sugar rush during the holiday? 
Sweets aren’t really my vice, but wine and fun cocktails at every turn is always a challenge. So many parties! I’m one of those people who likes to hit bottom during the holidays and then when January rolls around, I go on a cleanse.


Do you have any holiday traditions?
We always have a cocktail party where I make a big bourbon punch and we buy the most amazing chili from these two dudes who live near us. We provide toppings, but otherwise it’s super-low maintenance, fun, and fairly affordable. We also watch Elf and Love Actually A LOT.

How do you keep old traditions alive and introduce new ones?
I think only do what is fun. Maybe I’m more selfish than most, but if a tradition starts feeling like work then adjust and create a new one! Now that we have two kids, I’m essentially making it my job to create memories and ways for our kids to always, for the rest of their life, want to come home to us.

How to you decompress after the holidays?
I’m one of those annoying people who goes on a cleanse and says “no” to anything social. Of course I do have a big spa weekend with my girlfriends planned January 15th, so I think that is going to really help the decompression.


Egg nog or hot chocolate?
Egg nog.

Rudolph or Frosty?
Rudolph—more Santa related.

Mistletoe or holly?
Mistletoe!!! Kissing is good!!

Fruit cake or peppermint bark?
Peppermint bark—I don’t think I’ve ever had fruit cake!

Mariah Carey Christmas Album or Bing Crosby’s Merry Christmas?
Oh dear, both are so wonderful. I can’t choose. Daytime Bing Crosby, nighttime, Mariah!

What was your most memorable holiday?
Last year was Charlie’s first real Christmas and I had just had Elliot. We weren’t even in our home, but I just remember being so happy and so relaxed.

What was the most memorable gift you have given or received?
My husband Brian gave me a locket with both our kids in it and it’s so sweet, so beautiful, and so personal. He did good.

What’s your favorite holiday movie?
Tie. Elf or Love Actually.

What’s LA’s best-kept (holiday) secret?
I love the lights on the Venice Canals. Sitting in the car and looking at lights with two kids is always a bit tricky, but walking around gets them out of the car and up close to the lights.

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