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Community Spotlight: Style Maven Chelsea Rubin’s Clean Out Secrets

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Creative thrifters like yourself who are ALWAYS thinking secondhand first are what makes thredUP an amazing place to not only shop but be inspired! Welcome to Community Spotlight, where we invite our Clean Out Pros and Thrifty Veterans to share their best-kept secrets for everything from styling and shopping to clearing out the closet and selling clothes online!

Chelsea Rubin of Say Chelfie is a body-positive fashion blogger that runs on coffee, great deals, and platform shoes. She’s one of our Clean Out Pros (24 bags!) who has a lot of wisdom to spill on selling clothes online, the summer styles she’s loving, and the best life hack you NEED to know.   

Meet Chelsea!



As a full-time jewelry designer AND boss blogger, you probably need a lot of energy! We heard you’re a bit of a coffee aficionado, where do you get your coffee?
I get my coffee (every morning) from a La Colombe in Soho, NYC. The best pick me up for the work week. 🙂

Why do you think secondhand first?
I try and create very accessible fashion looks, so I always think secondhand first to allow for unique outfits in the content I’m creating.

What percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted?
I use thredUP to help me filter out my closet, so I would say only about 10% of my closet is thrifted. I have thrifted really amazing luxury bags and I have been obsessed with the Chanel and Prada bags on thredUP recently.

How would you describe thredUP in 5 words or less:
Affordable, trendy, size-inclusive, understandable, accessible.

What’s your top secret tip to shopping on thredUP?
Always shop the site while logged in so your sizes automatically get filtered through. This makes the site extremely user friendly and allows to quickly go through the new arrivals every few days.

What was the best deal you scored on thredUP?
I recently found the most incredible pair of Gucci flats on thredUP for 1/3 of the price!! BEST score of all time.

How would you describe your style?
Bohemian with trendy touchesI try and go for more affordable clothing so that I can mix my high-end accessories to create the perfect outfits.

Best life hack:
I am a body-positive blogger so my best piece of advice is to try and wear clothing that makes you feel as confident as possible. Always try new trends and think outside of the box when it comes to fashion! Getting dressed in the morning will become so much more fun if you create a fab wardrobe that makes you feel as bold as possible!

Best thrifty living tip:
I try to be patient with my thrifting and then immediately purchase when I have found the right item. High-end items on thredUP tend to sell fairly quickly so if it’s something I have wanted for a while I pounce. Ha!

What styles are you looking forward to wearing most for summer?
I have recently fell in love with matching sets, so I’m really looking forward to rocking them all summer long! I am also eyeing any patterned one pieces at the moment so my collection has definitely expanded.

What do you keep buying over and over?
I cannot stop buying fashion denim, so anything with a frayed edge or patchwork. The more unique, the better! They are major statement pieces.

Chelsea’s Clean Out Tips

You’ve sent at least 22 bags of clothes to thredUP! Tell us what you love about cleaning out on thredUP.
I love the thredUP selling experience because it’s SO easy! All that I have to do is request a bag, which gets delivered right to my mailbox, fill the bag and have USPS pick it up at my apartment.

When do you decide to clean out your closet?
I live in NYC and rent apartments so I typically will do a clean out once every six months to keep my closet up to date and ready to move. This allows me to free up space in between hot and cold seasons.


What are some tips to keep your items in great shape to send to thredUP?
Do not take the tags off your clothes until you actually wear them. This helped me make more money when I was resale-ing the items if I didn’t actually get around to wearing the clothes.

What is your top secret tip to cleaning out your closet?
Get rid of EVERYTHING that does not fit you. It will weigh you down if you keep things around that you can not actually enjoy and wear. Someone else will enjoy it much more than you and it will make more room for newness in your closet.

Any advice for anyone who wants to be a pro thredUP seller?
I truly am in the new mindset of getting rid of anything that doesn’t fit you or is holding you back emotionally. Clothes hold a very deep sentiment to most people so thredUP has really helped me get rid of a lot of emotional baggage. Always make sure to request a bag at least two weeks before you need to get rid of clothes in case you need to order more.

Have any pro clean out tips? Let us know in the comments below!