Published on march 26, 2019

Community UPdate: Cleaning Out Your Jewelry

written by Team thredUP

At thredUP, we pride ourselves in delighting you with thousands upon thousands of amazing finds every day. To ensure that we continue to only offer the best items, we will no longer be accepting jewelry. Selling jewelry was an exciting venture but it significantly slowed down our processing times and affected the high standard that we hold ourselves to. Maybe one day we’ll revisit it, but for right now, we’re taking a break from jewelry.

When will you stop accepting jewelry?

We will not be accepting jewelry effective on bags received in our warehouse after April 30th. We will continue to sell existing jewelry until we run out of inventory. Rest assured, any current consigners with jewelry online will still get a payout when their items sell.

What happens to jewelry sent after April 30, 2019?

Clean out bags containing jewelry to sell must arrive to our warehouses by April 30th.

We still want to keep perfectly good jewelry out of landfill. We will continue to offer jewelry Rescues boxes for broken or aged inventory, as well as any jewelry received from donated bags or otherwise after April 30th.

I have jewelry I don’t wear anymore, what should I do?

Here are a few awesome ideas to consider before throwing away jewelry that no longer brings you joy. We actually talked about some of these ideas when we filmed this Jewelry Rescues unboxing video for our YouTube channel!

— Decorate an old memory box or jazz up the collar of a shirt with the jewels!

— Gather up the girls and host a jewelry swap.

— Pass it along to the kids in your life so they can add it to their dress-up boxes.

— Deconstruct it and give it new life by transforming small accents in your house, like curtain tie backs!

Please let us know in the comments if you have any additional questions or concerns.


Team thredUP