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Hey Super Sellers, Stay UPdated on Our Payout System Here

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As of February 2019, a new item status, ‘Reserved’, has been added to our Payout system that will affect when you are paid. Read on for the latest. You can also check your Bag Details page or FAQs for updates. 

Ready to show your closet who’s boss? If you’ve got questions about selling on thredUP and our payout system, you’ve come to the right place! We’re constantly taking feedback to heart and we hope that our latest payout system addresses all of your concerns and makes the selling process as easy and enjoyable as it should be. Read on for the latest updates.

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Our current pricing system ensures YOU have control over the pricing of your items and the timing of your payouts. Since everyone is unique—from your amazing personal style to the way you like your coffee, it only made sense to update our payout system from a ‘one size fits all’ approach to a ‘tailored specifically to you’ model.

On Listing Items 

All accepted items will automatically be listed on consignment after a 24-hour waiting period. But you take control from there!

Do you want to get paid right away even if it means making a little less money? Okay! Done. You’ll like our Upfront Payouts option. We’ll offer you a payout that’s available as soon as your items are processed. The payout will be slightly lower than what you might receive if you put your items on consignment but it’s guaranteed (and calculated by our fancy, generally accurate computer program). You can choose this option for all the items in your Clean Out Bag or just a few. It’s totally up to you. You have 7 days to accept your upfront payout offer.

Do you want the highest price for your items and you’re okay with waiting a bit longer to get paid out? Okay! Done. You’ll like our Consignment Earnings option. You’ll get a payout after your items sell. You can edit the listing price of your items at any time, or let us do the pricing work for you. This option is closest to the consignment model at thredUP you are already familiar with.

As of February 2019, when one of your items is purchased, it will be marked as “Reserved” until the buyer has decided to keep and not return your item. Once the return period has passed, you will be paid out! If the item is returned, your consignment window will be extended so that your item has more time to sell.

On Pricing

When determining pricing, we take many factors into consideration: estimated retail price, seasonality, age of the item, quality, style, and the level of inventory we already have in that size, brand or style. thredUP listing prices are based on the average price of the item when new and the fair market value of that item in resale.

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Our dynamic pricing model means you could see a slight increase for items that are in-season and in high demand. When an item is placed in a cart, the price is set and is not subject to an increase at that time. We price all items individually, so two items that look the same time might have slightly different prices.

If we accept your item upfront, you will receive a payout immediately. If your item is being sold on consignment, you will be paid after the item sells. Please check out our FAQs under ‘Consignment and Upfront’ and our Terms of Use if you have any additional questions.

On Bag Processing Times
The fact that so many people are cleaning out their closets all across the country makes us so happy, but making people wait does not. So, we wanted to let you know that there are some things you can do to help speed up the process.

— Choose Expedited Shipping when you order a Clean Out Bag. For $16.00, put your bag in the front of the line and get it processed within one week.

— Instead of waiting for a Clean Out Bag to arrive in the mail, just print out a pre-paid shipping label and use a box from home.

— More about the karma than the cash? You can always select a Donation Bag and support a charity of your choice. Learn more about how you can do good with our charity partners here.

— To get that bag out the door as quickly as possible, schedule a free USPS pick-up at your house.

The fine print
In order to help your items sell faster, thredUP reserves the right to adjust the price of your items. We’ll always let you know if our auto-magic pricing is on, and you can still edit the price at any time.

You also have the option to reclaim your consignment items for up to 84 listing days.
If you choose Return Assurance and/or Expedited Processing, those fees will be automatically deducted from any earnings.  

Questions and comments, please!
We love hearing from you! We are in constant feedback mode, and we want to bring you the best possible Clean Out experience. As always, thanks for Cleaning Out with thredUP, and if you have any questions at all, please contact us at