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Hey Super Sellers, Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Payouts

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We pride ourselves in offering the most convenient Clean Out service out there, and we’re always trying to make it even easier to save your clothes and the planet. We’re excited to announce that, as of 8/19, all Clean Out Bags received will be processed under our new payout structure. Check it out here.

You asked and we listened. Our new payout structure is 100% consignment and is designed to make cleaning out and getting paid as easy and enjoyable as it should be. Read on for the latest updates.

On Pricing 

When determining listing pricing, we take many factors into consideration: estimated retail price, seasonality, age of the item, quality, style, and the level of inventory we already have in that size, brand or style. thredUP listing prices are based on the average price of the item when new and the fair market value of that item in resale. Want to know how much you might earn? Our new-and-improved payout estimator will tell you how much to expect for each item. 

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Our dynamic pricing model means you could see a slight increase for items that are in-season and in high demand. When an item is pl