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Happy Secondhand Month: Come Celebrate With Us!

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You may be wondering, “Umm, what’s Secondhand Month?”. Why, it’s only the best month of the year!

Not only is August 17 thrift store day, the 25th is also Secondhand Day! That’s why we’re officially making August “Secondhand Month”! We’ll be celebrating all things thrifty with fun games and giveaways, while launching a challenge that will remind us all why #secondhandfirst is so near and dear to our hearts.

Play thredUP Bingo, Win $1000 to Shop


Hold on to your virtual markers, because one lucky person will win a $1000 shopping spree from thredUP! That’s right, your dream closet is just a BINGO (or two) away. Read here for rules, some FAQs, and tips!

Join Us: Try the #NoNewClothes Challenge

noNewClothes-thredit-lauren noNewClothes-thredit-rinitha noNewClothes-thredit-lindsay

People are buying more clothes than ever, but keeping them for half as long. Imagine all that waste! What if we stopped buying new clothes, and got more wears out of our closet or shopped secondhand instead? That’s exactly what we’ve challenged our staffers (some of them MAJOR shopaholics) to do for Secondhand Month! Find out how who’s taking the #NoNewClothes challenge, and join the fun.

Dress for the Occasion

Keep a handy reminder of your #NoNewClothes pledge. Update us with your #NoNewClothes challenge throughout the month by tagging @thredUP and including #secondhandfirst and #NoNewClothes in your caption! Get a chance to be featured here!

Download Inspirational Wallpapers

Stay motivated in the Secondhand Month spirit with one of our cute desktop and mobile wallpapers.


Download desktop version here


Download mobile version here

secondhandMonthWallpaper-dots-desktop copy_RESIZE.jpg

Download desktop version here.


Download mobile version here

Are you as excited as we are? We hope so! Whether it’s yelling “BINGO!”, making a secondhand shopping list, or giving yourself a high five for saving the world, let us know what you’ll be doing for Secondhand Month below. We can’t wait to kick off the most thrifty month of the year!