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WE LIKE YOU. We Like You A Lot. Happy Compliment Day!

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Did you know that January 24th is National Compliment Day? We love the idea of this fun little holiday. As fashion people, perhaps we’re a bit biased. We don’t know about you, but when we wear an item that’s new-to-us, we find ourselves rating its success on how many compliments we get. While there’s no denying those compliments feel good, this is a bit of an unhealthy cycle. The only person you should be dressing for you is you.

One way to instantly boost your happiness and make your day way better is to give someone else a genuine compliment, stranger or friend, fashion-related or not. As we gear up for Valentine’s Day, a time that’s supposed to be about love (but is often stressful), let’s take a step back, have some fun and give out some compliments. Who knows, these compliments might be the perfect cover to a V-day card. Not only that, but compliments need not be reserved only for the object of your affection. What about all those friends and family members who are amazing, and totally rocking their outfits – tell them so!!

Here is a compliment we wrote for YOU, our incredible customers and sellers. And stay tuned! In the coming weeks, we’ll be announcing the very punny way we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day this year at thredUP HQ.


Here are some fun compliment ideas for people in your life. Try one out. See how you feel.

  • You’re rocking that number!
  • Lipstick on point
  • Your laugh makes me laugh
  • You’re a badass and you dress like one too
  • You make doing nothing fun
  • That new outfit is so cute and so you
  • You’re making those sweatpants look like a ballgown
  • You’re my style guru

Tell us in the comment section about the best compliment you’ve ever given or received!