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Customer Spotlight: Photographer Meghan Newsom Shows Us How to Take the Perfect Instagram

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Meghan Newsom first caught our eye on Instagram. We were intrigued by the creative photos she posted of her wearing her thredUP finds! So it wasn’t a surprise to learn she’s a professional photographer in Alabama. She’s been behind the lens practically all of her life, and recently turned her passion into her career. We had the chance to chat with Meghan and got the scoop on how to take that perfect Instagram everyone is always after. Fun fact: Meghan first heard about thredUP from an Instagram photo a friend posted! Read on for her top tips to step up your iphoneography skills.


Light: “As with any photograph, always look for light. Natural light looks better than artificial light, and window light always looks better than harsh sunlight. Play around with photographing your muse in different lighting situations and find what you like best!”


Composition: “Photographs become interesting when they tell a story. Often times on Instagram, people are most intrigued with photos that tell an incomplete story and leave their imagination to wonder. Consider taking a photo of the petals on a flower instead of the whole flower, or ingredients you are putting into your dinner instead of the actual finished dinner.”


Edit: “This is where things get fun! After you’ve taken your photo, you can put your own stamp on it by editing it within your phone. My all-time favorite editing app is VSCOCAM. I have downloaded all of their preset packs and normally use the N1 filter after i’ve adjusted the exposure in my photo. I love VSCOCAM because you can do all kinds of post processing like adding grain, adding vignette, changing the skin tone or the shadow tone, and you can change the tone of your photos (from warm to cool). Other apps I use are: Over App for words over photos, Afterlight to add border around my photos… and that’s it!”

So there you have it folks! Do you have any tips on taking a great Instagram? Share them with us in the comments.

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