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5 Ways to Master July 4th Style That Aren’t Over the Top

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Nothing is more summer (and more American) than a Fourth of July barbecue, Firecracker popsicles, and stunning evening fireworks. We love Independence Day! It’s a patriotic bonanza that’s just a whole lot of fun and, well, a whole lot of red, white and blue.

It isn’t the most fashion-forward holiday (the outfits are as loud as the fireworks), but for those who would like to tone down the ol’ Stars and Stripes, there are ways! We’ve got some cute Fourth of July outfit ideas that look festive enough for the stylish patriot without bordering on an over-the-top costume.

1. Patriotic Pastels

This is a super easy (and cute) alternative to the bold red, white, and blue palette! Opt for pastels instead and pair softer shades of the famous stripes for a look that’s easy on the eyes.



— This is a prime opportunity for color blocking! A coral pink top, baby blue shorts, and a white shoulder bag makes THE perfect July Fourth look.

— Lose the jeans and opt for a pastel midi skirt for a more demure (but still patriotic) outfit. Ideal to match with a wicker shoulder bag and wedges!

— Upgrade the all-pastels look with some gold accented bangles or necklace.


— Sort your search by color (red, white, and blue) on thredUP so you can pick out the perfect hues for your ensemble without having to dig through other items.

2. Minimal Magic

Fourth of July festivities can get pretty indulgent, but your outfit doesn’t have to go big or go home. The mantra “Less is More” makes this outfit idea perfect for the minimalist patriot.



— The Stars and Stripes motif is an iconic image. Take the pattern down a notch by incorporating its most basic features (a star and stripe) into your outfit. A ringer T-shirt printed with a single star gets the message across.

— Instead of opting for an American Flag print, break down the iconic elements into separate layers. A star printed midi skirt and striped wedges? Independence Day chic.

— Switch the colors or pick two to tone down the bold hues. White and blue, or red and white are fashion-forward favorites!

3. Show Your Stripes

Take a note from the American flag and make stripes the foundation of your outfit. Nautical stripes are versatile and, more importantly, look flattering on EVERYONE.


— You may not be completely emulating the star spangled banner but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep the palette! A faded red striped T-shirt and denim overalls combo is a no-fuss, no-muss Americana outfit.

— A horizontal striped sheath dress flatters the figure. Just break up the look with a belt.

— Lengthen your legs with vertical stripes (why do you think Uncle Sam looks sooo tall). Opt for seersucker, which is a breathable striped fabric specially designed for hot temperatures.


— thredUP’s smart filters lets you search by color and pattern! Set your color preferences and choose “stars” and “stripes” under the patterns section to find the perfect July Fourth combo.

4. Monochrome Maverick

Forget committing to the full red, white, and blue palette, planning your outfit around a single hue will be an even bigger hit. A head-to-toe monochromatic look will make your silhouette slimmer and longer.



— Dressing in a single shade can be daunting! Bring in diverse texture (like a fuzzy cardigan or a crisp shirt) to add depth and dimension to your July Fourth outfit.

— These are attention-grabbing colors! Bring down the statement with neutral accessories like nude wedges, or a cute straw hat.

— Riff on the monochrome trend and play with subtle shades. Wearing bottoms that are slightly darker than the top will draw eyes up to your face.

5. Accessories Anthem

Your accessories are the perfect outlet for Americana motifs (eagles, stars, stripes, etc.). Adding a themed accessory gives your outfit an instant patriotic upgrade without taking over your whole look.



— Match a striped scarf with star-spangled bangles, a subtle and cute nod to July Fourth.

— Red, white, and blue stripe shoes with an all-denim outfit are sure to be a hit.

— Bringing the iconic color palette into your accessories will pull together a plain outfit. A swipe of red lipstick, a navy bandana, colorful handbag, and red or white framed sunglasses may be all you need for an amazing look.

Whether you’re hoping to UP your Independence style game or channel your inner patriot, thredUP has what you need for July Fourth! Don’t feel like searching through the racks? Check out our Red, White & Cute Goody Box for a mix of stylish Fourth of July essentials.