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DIY Halloween: Doodlebug!

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Doodle Bug Costume

By Sara Carter, DIY expert and owner of The Costume Cafe

When I was little, my Dad called me “Doodlebug”. I have no idea what a doodlebug actually is, but this is probably a pretty good guess.  The best part of this costume is that your child can tell you exactly what kind of bug he/she wants to be. They can pick out the colors and even help decorate the wings. You probably already have most of what you need to make it- improvise, if necessary. (The kids won’t know the difference.)


1 Hoodie (Shop thredUP Hoodies)

1 Pair of Leggings (Shop thredUP Leggings)

1 Pair of Tights (Shop thredUP Tights)

1 Pair of Socks (Shop thredUP Socks)

2 Large Pipe Cleaners

2 8″ Circles of Felt

1 14″ Circle of Felt- maybe larger

Stuffing or Tissue Paper


Rick Rack

The first thing I did was to make the extra set of legs for the bug. I took a pair of tights that don’t fit anymore, snipped the crotch area and then stretched that out a bit so it would go over my daughter’s head. Make sure you leave the waistband intact. I put stuffing in the legs- you could use tissue paper scrunched up. Once stuffed, I pulled on some socks to give the legs feet. Easy.

Next, I moved onto the wings. I cut the 14″ felt circle in half. You could reinforce the half circles with posterboard or cardboard to make them stiff. I just overlapped the points and stitched them near the tag in the back of the hoodie. I added a large button on top of that. Since I left my wings floppy, I attached them at the shoulders with a needle and thread just so that they would stay in place. You could use glue for this.

You can really get creative with the wings. I just glued on some large rick rack but you could do felt polka dots, use pom poms or add buttons.

Now for the eyes- I did a gathering stitch along the edge of the 8″ circles and pulled the threads tight to make stuffable eyes. I added button pupils before hot gluing them to the center front of the hood. In between the eyes, I stuck 2 large fuzzy pipe cleaners. The hot glue works really fast and easy for this- it also helps the pipe cleaners stick up. You can do this step with a needle and thread, but it’s a little more work.