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DIY Hollywood Halloween Costumes

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Can you believe Halloween is just around the corner?! Neither can we.

This year, we were inspired by all of the popular movies and television shows of the year – many of which I’m sure you and your family have watched and loved. We’ve re-created some of our favorite looks from Hollywood hits like The Great Gatsby, Oz the Great and Powerful, and of course everyones favorite little Minions from Despicable Me 2. Shop our picks and choose your favorite costume pieces, then complete the look with these easy DIY craft projects. Don’t worry though, if you’re not feelin’ crafty we’ve included links on where you can buy these items already made 🙂

The Great Gatsby | Despicable Me 2 | Man of Steel | Hunger Games | The Smurfs 2 | Game of Thrones | Oz: Theodora | Oz: Evanora | Oz: Glinda

The Great Gatsby


Who doesn’t love a Gatsby Party?! Shop our favorite Gatsby-like dresses, skirts, tops, and faux-furs on thredUP.

Shop our picks for Women: and Juniors:

Complete the look: DIY Glitzy Headband

  1. First, find an old headband that you don’t mind adding embellishments to.
  2. Next, go to your local craft or art store and buy a pack of your favorite self-adhesive jewels. We love these rhinestone strips from David Tutera’s Bridal Collection at Jo-Ann’s – only $6!
  3. Apply firmly to your headband – add as many or as little as you want!
  4. If you’re feeling extra Gatsby-ish, add a large feather off-centered to the headband (like this Ostrich Plume).

*Or you can buy a Gatsby headband on Etsy here.

Despicable Me 2 


The Minion costume is definitely one of our favorites for kids this year! Simply pair denim overalls (or jumper for girls!) with a plain yellow tee.

Shop our picks for Girls: and Boys:

Complete the look: DIY Minion goggles

  1. Use paper towel or toilet paper tubes and silver duck tape for the lens. Cut one or two 1/2 inch sections, depending on my how many eyes you want. Cover the entire piece in the silver duck tape.
  2. Then, fasten the lenses to a black elastic headband using a stapler.
  3. Have your kids wear them over a yellow beanie, if they have one. Or simply have them wear it on their forehead.

*Or you can buy minion goggles here.

Man of Steel


A twist on the classic Superman costume, dress your little boy as Clark Kent this Halloween. Pair a blue Superman tee under classic suit pieces to achieve this adorably handsome look! Shop our picks for boys:

Complete the look: DIY Superman “S” tee

  1. Take a plain blue t-shirt that you’re willing to paint on.
  2. Using fabric paint or pens, paint on your own Superman “S” on the chest of the t-shirt. If you need a little extra guidelines, use a stencil like this one.
  3. Wait for the paint to dry completely, and now you’re the super hero!

*Or you can buy a Superman tee here.

Hunger Games – Katniss


Get the Katniss look by simply wearing a pair of cargo pants with a plain black tee, black jacket and boots. Shop our Katniss picks for Juniors:

Complete the look: DIY bow and arrow

  1. There’s a couple different approaches you can take with creating your own bow and arrow. We suggest using a good tree stick or a hula hoop. If using a hula hoop, you will need to cut a piece out.
  2. Next, you’ll need 4-5 sturdy rubber bands. Loop them all together (creating lark’s head knots) to create one large string of rubber bands.
  3. Fasten your rubber band string to each end of your “bow”.
  4. Use a bunch of smaller sticks as “arrows”. Add colored tape and feathers to the ends to make them look more real.
  5. Carry your “weapons” in a cross body yoga mat bag or pool cue bag. Now you’re ready to hunt!

*Or buy a costume bow and arrow here.

The Smurfs 2


Go all blue to pull off the perfect Smurf look. Whether you decide to paint your body blue, or simply wear blue tees and leggings under white pants or dress your kids will look “smurf-tacular” this Halloween.

Shop our Girls picks: and Boys picks:

Complete the look: DIY Smurf hat

  1. Search for a “Smurf hat pattern” online like this one.
  2. Using soft white fleece fabric, cut out two pieces outlining the pattern you chose.
  3. Sew (or staple) the two pieces along the edges, and turn inside out to hide the seams. Be sure to wear it with the “droop” facing forward!

*Or you can buy a smurf hat here.

Game of Thrones – Tyrell 


There’s many ways you can achieve the goddess-like look of Tyrell from Game of Thrones. Wear a long green or blue grecian-style dress and gold accent jewelry. Shop our picks for Tyrell-like Women’s maxis dresses:

Complete the look: DIY cloak

  1. Find a cloak pattern online that you like, like this simple one.
  2. Next, buy the appropriate amount of fabric in your favorite Tyrell-hues.
  3. Sew it together based on the guidelines of the pattern, and voila!

*Or you can buy a cape here.

Oz the Great and Powerful – Theodora


To get the Theodora look (before she turns bad!), simply pair a white button-up with a red blazer, and a pair of black skinnies and boots. Shop our Women’s picks for Theodora:

Complete the look: DIY red witches hat

  1. While Theodora’s hat isn’t exactly witch-like, you can get away with wearing different style hats to make the look work. If you happen to have an old large beach hat (preferably in a light tan or white color), that can serve as a perfect base for your Theodora hat.
  2. Next, buy a can of deep rep spray paint and paint your entire hat red – except the inside crown portion!
  3. Wait ’til it fully dries, and you’re all set.

*Or you can buy a Theodora hat here.

Oz the Great and Powerful – Evanora


Get the Evanora look for your teen by shopping our favorite black and green party dresses on thredUP here:

Complete the look: DIY feathered headband

  1. First, find an old headband that you don’t mind adding feathers and embellishments to.
  2. Take an old piece of jewelry that has a large pendant, like a bejeweled brooche, and attach to the center of the headband. If you don’t have one, you can find one in the jewelry section of your local department store or craft store.
  3. Next, attach two large black feathers (like this Ostrich Plume) on either side of the pendant and attach to the center of the headband – I’d say crazy glue works best!
  4. Let everything fully dry, and you’re all set for wickedness!

*Or your buy an Evanora headband here.

Oz the Great and Powerful – Glinda


Dress your little girl like the Good Witch of the South, Glinda, by shopping our favorite princess party dresses! Shop girls dresses here:

Complete the look: DIY crown and wand

  1. We absolutely love the recycled materials used in Pink and Green Mama’s blog to create her version of a Glinda crown – the inside of cardboard drink sleeves!
  2. Check out her easy to follow instructions here.

*Or you can buy a Glinda crown here.