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4 DIY Strategies to Spice Up Your Summer Wardrobe

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The mercury’s soaring, but your closet’s boring? We can relate. After spending the better part of a year in storage, those formerly cool summer ensembles might be looking a little tired. But with a trip to the craft store and a little sewing know-how, old outfits can become new again. Here are five DIY projects that will give your wardrobe rejects a fresh twist, often at little to no cost. It’s the grown-up equivalent of arts and crafts at summer camp– and way more useful than friendship bracelets or lanyards.
Make a criss-cross tank. An oversize tee can become a cute criss-cross tank– and you don’t even need to know how to sew to pull it off. WobiSobi turned a cheap Hanes navy tee into a tie-back stunner with just some chalk, scissors, and knots. It’d make a great beach cover-up.
Add some spark to simple sneakers. Black lace, fabric glue, scissors, and patience are all you need to give plain white slip-on sneakers a feminine, yet cool, DIY touch. If you’re an artsier type, you could also use acrylic paint and lacquer to give them a full-on design of your own creation.
Sew bra guides into your favorite tanks. No one likes having an errant strap hanging out when they’re wearing a cute tank. High-end sleeveless dresses often come with “bra guides” to lock your straps in place, but you can pull this off with any dress or top. Follow Cyberseams‘ instructions to sew a bit of matching fabric or grosgrain ribbon and a small snap into each tank strap, then snap your bra between the guides. It’ll stay all day, even if you’re hiking or biking around!
Patchwork a denim jacket. Add a tribal twist to a vintage denim jacket by sewing some cool fabric to the back center yoke of the jacket. The process, as outlined by Fashion Heels to Carrot Peels, is simple: cut, pin, sew, and trim. Don’t have a denim jacket to keep you warm on cool summer nights? This one from Old Navy or this one from Topshop are affordable enough to withstand a little sewing-machine experimentation.
Do you have any sewing or DIY tips for summer fashion? Let us know in the comments.