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Editor Spotlight: Cydney Sinclair

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The thredUP team works hard to make sure that shopping with us is always a beautiful experience, and if you’ve enjoyed browsing items on our iPhone and Android apps, you’re looking at the handiwork of Cydney Sinclair. A graduate of SF’s own Academy of Art, Cydney cut her teeth as a mobile designer at July Systems before joining thredUP, where she also works on creative projects in merchandising, advertising, and email. “My typical workday includes lots of sketching, note taking, and planning out designs,” she says. “I’ve always had a passion for all things art-related, but I’m really, really enjoying working in the field of mobile.”

Cydney’s a Bay Area native who grew up with a thrift-store-loving family, and has never needed to be sold on the value of buying secondhand. “There’s something about going on that scavenger hunt for cute stuff that really feels rewarding,” she says. A punk and grunge enthusiast in her teenage years, Cydney still incorporates small elements of alternative culture into her ensembles. “I like simple pieces, nothing too flashy, but I’m big into finding things with unique little details, interesting textures, or other unexpected elements.” Here are three fun outfits that define her style.

blogpost_01 (1)For the everyday: “I’m a pretty casual person at heart,” says Cydney, who enjoys kicking back, playing video games, and drawing in the apartment she shares with her “super-awesome hacker boyfriend” in Lower Nob Hill. Her twist on a tee and jeans has a military bent thanks to army-green skinny jeansa fun graphic Zara topfunky Raen shades, and her new favorite acquisition, Steve Madden combat boots. You’ll also always find her in her