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Editor Spotlight: Farrell Klein

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Did you come to thredUP through an article in a magazine, a post on a blog, or a TV segment? Then it’s Farrell Klein you have to thank. As our head of public relations, she spends her days giving lifestyle editors, technology reporters, TV producers, and national television contributors the skinny on how thredUP works, what our customers love to buy, and the benefits of shopping secondhand.

A New England native, Farrell is a nature girl at heart who loves hiking in the mountains with her fiancé, Brian. She’s super-close to her parents, grandmother, and three younger brothers, all of whom reside back on the East Coast, and her semi-bicoastal lifestyle needs a wardrobe that can do double duty for freezing Massachusetts winters and San Francisco’s somewhat balmier (though not quite summery) days.

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Like many thredUP customers, she tends to invest in neutral staple pieces like a great pair of jeans or a gray sweater, then spices up her wardrobe with more colorful sundresses, silk tops, and printed pants. “I still haven’t quite parted with my New England style, but after two years on the West Coast, I’ve definitely become a little more San Francisco,” she says. Here are a few of Farrell’s favorite outfits that blend affordable and investment pieces:

At the office: thredUP’s office is pretty casual, and Farrell, like much of the staff, enjoys the privileges of SF living (namely, jeans at work). Her favorites are the toothpick jeans from J. Crew: “They fit like a glove, and have become my go-to denim.” Depending on the weather, she might layer a tank and an Anthropologie cable-knit short-sleeved sweater, or slip on her beloved dot-printed pink-and-white J. Crew blouse with a blazer. Either way, you can count on finding her in her latest investment piece: Frye Paige riding boots. “They were a worthwhile splurge; I’ve been wearing them nonstop,” she says.

Wedding planning: Farrell and Brian are tying the knot in Vermont this July, which has called for some bicoastal commuting in the chilly winter months! To stay classy in New England’s freezing weather, she relies on covered-up but still cute dresses like this Alice + Olivia number (“I love everything A+O”) which looks great with a pair of thick black tights and those trusty Paige boots. On top, Farrell indulges her passion for pink with an ASOS cocoon coat that has the dual benefit of being both fashionable and warm, thanks to its fluffy wool exterior. And when the weather’s really miserable, she can always resort to another bright shade to perk things up: a purple shade of skinny jeans or cords, which she wears under Hunter boots with collapsible tops that are “perfect for travel.”

Date night: Back on the West Coast, Farrell and Brian love to try SF’s array of restaurants, whether casual or formal. For a more laid-back meal, she loves pairing her preferred black J. Crew pixie pants with a boldly graphic sweater and (you guessed it) those Paige boots. When the occasion calls for getting dressed up, a lace v-neck cocktail dress by Reiss gets a boost from a chunky statement necklace and some patent flats. “Considering we’ve been ice climbing, mountaineering, and snow camping together in recent years, it’s always nice to shed some of those layers and get dressed up for an occasion,” she says. Oh, and a lint-roller has become a part of her “get-ready” routine, because of Oscar and Calvin, the two adorable orange tabby cats that she adopted a year ago (see them below, along with Farrell’s favorite olive green Barbour coat).

Work at thredUP is very different lifestyle than her first job in high-fashion PR, which she describes as a “true Devil Wears Prada environment.” Seeking some broader communications experience, Farrell shifted her focus to consumer branding and high-tech PR, working with clients like General Mills and Nestle Waters. That mix of fashion chops, consumer and tech branding expertise made her the perfect fit for promoting thredUP. “I truly believe in what thredUP is doing to make fashion so accessible to people nationwide, no matter what your shopping budget is,” she says. “It’s rewarding every time I read about thredUP in the news. It makes all of the hard work worthwhile.”

What do you invest in, and what pieces do you rely on thredUP to work into your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments.

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