Published on december 17, 2020

Employee Spotlight: Marketing Coordinator Anna’s Thrifted Wardrobe is Secondhand Goals

written by Team thredUP

Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Meet Anna, our amazing Marketing Communications Coordinator! Read on to find out how Anna practices gratitude every day and what #throwback shoe style she’s planning on rocking this season.

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Tell us what you do at thredUP.
I am thredUP’s Marketing Communications Coordinator! I assist the team in thredUP’s storytelling to the media—pitching trend stories to journalists, coordinating broadcast segments, or brainstorming thredUP’s next buzzy campaign. Most recently, I worked with the team to bring our latest Universal Thrift Logo campaign with designer Christian Siriano to life.

What’s your favorite part about your job?
I love working for a company whose mission I wholeheartedly believe in. I was drawn to thredUP because of my interest in fashion and passion for sustainability. It feels very special to work with such an amazing team of talented people to usher in a more sustainable future for fashion—one secondhand item at a time!

What’s your fave thredUP feature?
The shopping filters! At thredUP, I have to find products for various broadcast segments, brand campaigns, and gifting initiatives. Whether I’m searching for a specific neckline, pattern, or material, the shopping filters always guide me to the perfect product for the occasion.


Name your top 3 favorite brands.
I wouldn’t say I’m particularly brand-oriented but I love the styles of & Other Stories, Aritzia, and Free People.

Why do you think secondhand first?
For me, shopping secondhand was initially a way to save money and get better brands for less. It quickly turned into more of a lifestyle and shopping mindset that is focused on keeping perfectly good items in use and out of landfills. There are already so many unique items in circulation and I love the thrill of the treasure hunt that comes with shopping secondhand.

What percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted?
I would say about 75% of my wardrobe is thrifted. I went to college in NYC and hunting down cool vintage stores was a favorite weekend activity among my friends. Nowadays, I stick to thrifting online and get the majority of my clothes from thredUP and Depop.

What was your most memorable thrifty find?
This is hard! I love most of my thrifted finds equally. However, I would have to say that the few items I thrifted while I was studying abroad in Europe are very dear to my heart. I love that these items remind me of my time there and of each of the cities I visited. When travelling (in a pre-covid world!) I loved getting to know a city by it’s vintage shops and markets. I’m a sucker for the sentimentality of it all!


What’s your top secret tip for cleaning out your closet?
Honestly my top tip is thredUP! I keep a thredUP cleanout bag handy in my room and slowly fill it up over time until it is ready to be shipped out. I also love giving items to my friends if I think it is something they would wear more than I would.

Share your best life hack.
Gratitude! I truly believe that writing down a list of 5 things you’re grateful for at night totally shifts your mindset and sparks joy—which we could all use right now!

Share your best thrifty living tip.
Public libraries! I sometimes forget they are a thing and when I rediscover them every other month it is pure joy.


What are the ways that you stay sustainable?
Shopping secondhand when I can, lugging my hydroflask with me always, and carrying a reusable tote bag with me wherever I go.

What are you looking forward to wearing most for winter?
I heard UGGs are coming back! Or did they never leave? Nevertheless I am excited to slip back into my UGGs that I’ve had since freshman year of high school.

Name the one thing you can’t live without.
A warm bath at the end of the night.

What are you currently obsessed with?
Season 4 of The Crown! Princess Diana deserved better.