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Staffer Spotlight: Get the Scoop on Secondhand from Design Director Maggie Cheung

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Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Maggie Cheung is our design director and she’s been at thredUP for over four years. Here, she shares her top secret tips to shopping thrift and the ONE style she’s looking forward to wearing this spring.

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Tell us what you do at thredUP?
High level, my role is to ensure thredUP tells a consistent brand story by educating, delighting, and surprising our customers at every touchpoint. Down to the nitty gritty, I handle the day-to-day of the creative team, design for special projects, and mentor the designers to produce their best work.

What do you love most about working at thredUP?
People and culture! The people here are smart, talented, and supportive. We work hard, but also know when to kick back and enjoy a beer. I’m always learning something new, whether it’s about the business or a Photoshop trick. I’m also able to wear multiple hats with different functions, so my brain is constantly working.

How would you describe thredUP in 5 words or less: 
Secondhandfirst, fun, exciting, convenient, polka dots.

What’s your top secret tip to shopping on thredUP? 
Filters! With our newly redesigned filters, I can quickly browse through thousands of items and find something specific.

What’s your top secret tip to cleaning out your closet? 
I have a small closet and limited number of hangers, so if I purchase a new item, I need to toss another one into a Clean Out bag. I always have a Clean Out bag in my room.

How would you describe your style? 

What percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted? 

Why do you think secondhand first? 
It’s affordable to purchase brands that I couldn’t have before. Also, the quality at thredUP is great. Can you believe we touch everything we list? We hand inspect every single item. All 1.3 million of them. That’s bonkers to me. I’m saving money and doing something good is the extra cherry on top.

Where do you get your coffee? 
Our office’s location is coffee heaven. We have at least five different coffee shops within a two-block radius. With all these options, I still go to Coffee Cultures, across the street, because it’s a shorter line than Blue Bottle.

Best life hack: Go camping in the woods, where there’s no internet connection. It’s the best recharge and forces you to be in the moment.

What was the best deal you scored on thredUP? 
Celine bag (!). It was at least 75% off retail price.

Best thrifty living tip: 
When you can’t squeeze anything more out of the toothpaste tube, cut the bottom and you’ll be able to get at least five additional brushings before you have to toss it.

What is your favorite thredUP find of all time? 
Alexander Wang shirt dress. I’ve worn it so many times, from day-to-night, with/without tights, flats/heels. It’s super versatile.

Tell us what you love about the selling experience/Cleaning Out at thredUP.  
Extremely convenient. Everything from jewelry, handbags, shirts, jeans, to shoes, I throw it all into the bag and let thredUP do all the work. I feel good about cleaning my closet, while earning credits to continue the cycle of shopping and selling.

What styles are you looking forward to wearing most for spring? 
Dresses, dresses, dresses.

What do you keep buying over and over? 
Flowers and white tees.


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