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Employee Spotlight: Brand Intern Stephanie Baladi On What She Loves Most About Cleaning Out Her Closet

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Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Stephanie Baladi is our marketing intern who supports our community and social endeavors. Here, she shares her top secret tips to shopping thrift and the styles she’s looking forward to wearing this spring.

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What do you love most about working at thredUP?
It sounds cheesy, but I love the people! It’s an awesome environment and I’m always learning new things from the people around me. Whether it’s about social media metrics and something more technical, or even a new pair of heels I need to get, or a great omakase place I should check out for dinner! I love learning about new things and places, it keeps me on my toes!

How would you describe thredUP in 5 words or less:
Upbeat, thoughtful, evolving, wallet-friendly.

What’s the best comment you’ve seen from the community on social media?
I love when I see people sharing their thredUP boxes that their cats have claimed as their new home. Share yours with #secondhandfirst on Instagram! 

What’s your top secret tip to shopping on thredUP?
I always browse the site with my saved sizes on. I also switch between sorting by “Newest First” and “Low to High.” I love seeing the latest and greatest, but I also want to keep an eye on the insane deals that pop up!

What’s your top secret tip to cleaning out your closet?
I’m super sentimental about everything, clothes included. I’m probably a borderline hoarder. So, it’s an understatement to say that parting with my things is a big deal for me, but at some point you have to do it. If there’s anything I’m on the fence about (and there’s usually a lot), I try it on. That tends to be a make-or-break moment for me.

How would you describe your style?
Formal pajamas. I try my best to look put-together, but still prioritize comfort. For me, that ends up looking like a lot of chunky-knit sweaters that I dress up with necklaces and rings.

What percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted?
About 30%. I’m working on getting that number up (or at least getting the number of new clothes I buy down) because everything I’ve bought secondhand, I love.

Why do you think secondhand first?
Because it just makes sense. You can find like-new (and in many cases actually new) items for much lower prices when shopping secondhand. I also don’t always shop in-season. I’m constantly kicking myself for not biting the bullet on a pair of shoes from a year or two ago. Shopping secondhand gives me a second chance to find those pieces I missed out on the first time around!

Where do you get your coffee?
Almost always Starbucks, but that’s because most of the time I’m not drinking coffee. I’m absolutely a vanilla latte kind of girl.

Best life hack:
If you need to make a phone speaker louder in a jiffy, put your phone (speaker side down) in a bowl!

What’s the best deal you scored on thredUP?
I got a silver-midi skirt from RACHEL Rachel Roy for $28.80. The original price was $115!

Best thrifty living tip:
Don’t impulse buy. Always leave the store or the site first. If you find yourself thinking about the piece throughout the day, go back and get it. Often times, I find I just end up forgetting about something I thought I needed.

What is your favorite thredUP find of all time?
A pair of burgundy mules from Mia! Mules are really popular right now and I’ve been dying to try out the trend. I was so happy when I stumbled upon a pair for 55% off retail.

Tell us what you love about cleaning out with thredUP.
What I love about cleaning out my closet with thredUP is everything that comes after I send my bag in. It’s exciting for me to see which items were accepted and, even better, which items sold. I know these pieces are going to people who will get way more use out of them than I will and I honestly wish I could see how they’re styling them. I even get a little kick out of seeing how my items were photographed and listed on the site.

What styles are you looking forward to wearing most for spring?
Wrap dresses! I bought a few right at the tail-end of summer. I’ve just been waiting for warmer weather so I can break them out.

What do you keep buying over and over?
Black shoes. More specifically, black booties. I seriously can’t get enough and I swear they’re all slightly different.

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