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Employee Spotlight: thredUP Newbie Cass Moua Shares Her Top Secret Thrifting Tips

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Welcome to Employee Spotlight, a thrEDIT original series featuring real-life thredUP employees. Cassandra Moua just joined thredUP as our Brand Marketing Coordinator. Here, she shares why she thinks secondhand first and the reason behind her super edited closet. 

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Tell us what you do at thredUP.
I’m the Brand Marketing Coordinator. I get to do super fun stuff like run our social media accounts! More generally, as the brand team’s coordinator, I work to ensure the thredUP brand story is told consistently everywhere and help make exciting campaigns campaigns happen. (Speaking of, did you check out re:made?!).

What do you love most about working at thredUP?
Everyone here is so creative, talented, and smart. Every day I learn something new. I get to work on a variety of things that will really foster my growth and creativity within the company.

How would you describe thredUP in 5 words or less:
Exciting. Upbeat. Game changer.

What’s the best comment you’ve seen from the community on social media?
I love seeing how thredUP helped elevate someone’s self-confidence! Fashion is such an amazing way to express your personality. It always makes me happy to see that thredUP can do that while also making people feel conscious of their eco-friendly shopping.

What’s your top secret tip to shopping on thredUP?
I like shopping by brands! It helps me narrow down the types of style I know I’ll like. I also like favoriting as I browse. It’s a quick way to save all of the items I like at once and then when I go to checkout I can pick and choose what I really want.

What’s your top secret tip to cleaning out your closet?
If I haven’t worn it in six months to a year, I should get rid of it! I used to be very sentimental about my clothes. For example, I held onto my graduation dress for longer than I should’ve (and I only wore it once). If I don’t see myself wearing it anytime soon, I throw it in my Clean Out Bag.

How would you describe your style?
I like to keep my overall outfit minimal with some sort of statement piece, whether it’s a pair of really great earrings or killer booties.

What percentage of your wardrobe is thrifted?
I’d say about 20%. A lot of the pieces I’ve thrifted I’ve kept for a long time and never get tired of wearing! I’m definitely hoping to make that number go up.

Why do you think secondhand first?
Though I love fashion, it makes a very big impact on polluting our earth. Before I started thinking more consciously about my clothes, I excessively bought and tossed things I never wore. The clothes that you buy should have a long life! It’s important to remember that ANYTHING can be new, if you make it!

Where do you get your coffee?
Let me tell ya something… when I found out Philz was literally around the corner from the office I was ECSTATIC (funnily enough, that’s also my order).

Best life hack:
Making sure you have one full day off a week. This means designating your Saturday or Sunday to literally recharge and reflect on the new week! It’s easy to get super busy with balancing work and social life. Sometimes you just need to have a day to yourself!

What was the best deal you scored on thredUP? 
I actually just ordered this last week! I’ve been wanting a faux fur jacket to add a little POP to a casual outfit. I shopped by brand (Zara) and looked through the outerwear. It was originally $89 and I paid $26—how great is that?!

Best thrifty living tip:
If you can live without it, don’t buy it.

What styles are you looking forward to wearing most for spring?
I rocked this look in these photos! I love the monochrome look! It’s a risky move but fashion is always more fun when you test the waters!

What do you keep buying over and over?
Mules. They’re the perfect chic yet comfy shoe to wear in the office, out with friends, running errands, etc.

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