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8 Essentials for Stylish Summer Beach Outfits

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Summer is almost here for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere! Who wants to take a dip, bask in the sun and run along the beach? We do! Read on to find out what essentials you need to put together cute beach outfits. 

1. Swimsuits

The most basic essential to any cute beach outfit is a swimsuit that fits, flatters, and flaunts you. Whether that’s a bikini or one piece, you should feel like a million bucks in your swimsuit. And guess what? *drumroll please* we just got a bunch of brand-new swimsuits with tags attached in stock!


Styling tips: mix and match bikini tops and bottoms for pops of color *or* wear jewelry with a matching bikini for pizzazz. Look out for stylish swimsuits from brands Hula Honey, California Waves and Raisins!

2. Cover-Ups

A cover-up’s main duty is to cover you up when you don’t feel like exposing too much skin. Think breezy and flowy tunics, tops, dresses, kaftans and kimonos. Cover-up styles trending this season include crochet, lace and floral prints. Check out brands Dotti, Raviya and Lauren by Ralph Lauren for trendy cover-ups!


3. Beach Dresses

Imagine…you’re about to step foot on the sand, but your long pants are dragging your feet and as you bend down to disentangle your legs from the quicksand, the wind blows your hair into your lip-glossed lips. Basically, avoid long pants! The one exception are short culottes that make shaking sand off doable. Beach dresses are perfect for putting together cute outfits for the beach as they can double as cover-ups too. Our favorites to wear to the beach are shift dresses and sundresses with bright floral or tribal prints.


4. Shorts

Shorts can make any outfit look sporty and athletic. A swim tank paired with board shorts gives comfort and mobility for taxing activities like beach volleyball and surfing, while tucking a one piece swimsuit into denim or linen shorts makes a modest outfit for poolside lounging. Both these looks have been rocked by surfer gals and guys since Baywatch days! Popular board shorts brands include Island Escape and Jag. If you’re looking for more flair, check out Volcom and Roxy for surfer-inspired getups.


5. Rompers

Rompers are a cross between a dress and a pair of shorts. They can give you that extra bit of coverage without sacrificing your style or mobility. The best thing about rompers is that they come in a boundless array of prints and cuts, from strapless to denim to off the shoulder. Did I mention they are great for layering over swimsuits as cover-ups and under jackets for nights out? Brands Angie and Forever 21 make sought-after bohemian rompers that give off major beach vibes.


6. Sandals

Completing your beach attire with a fun pair of sandals is a must. Choose sandals that are durable, somewhat easy to put on and take off, and can be paired with most of your summer garb. Heeled sandals such as wedges provide extra height while making your outfit look chic and a tad more dressy. Just try not to prance around them in the sand 😉


7. Hats

Accessorize your beach clothes with a hat, scarf or both! Hats and scarves not only shield your face and neck from uninvited gusts of wind and rays of sunlight, but can also make your vacation outfits look put-together. Throw on a spunky floppy hat, a sleek fedora or a light colorful scarf for funsies on your next getaway.


8. Beach Bags

A roomy beach bag will hold all your other summer supplies such as sunglasses, jewelry, sunscreen, makeup bag, a book, towel and an extra change of clothes. This spring and summer, straw and canvas totes are popular beach bag choices. On the other hand, crossbody bags keep your hands free and carry your bare necessities for the beach. A crafty shopping tip: filter by availability in the left navigation bar to shop the newest arrivals and see what lusted goodies are in other shoppers’ carts!


What’s your personal favorite beach fashion must-have? Share with us in the comments below!