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In February, the thredUP team studied the looks at New York Fashion Week to predict the trends you’d be seeing on store shelves this fall. We’re happy to report, we nailed the color trends, but while it’s easy to predict color patterns, it’s harder to know which pieces are going to make the grade for fall wear. Here are five that you’ll be seeing everywhere:


1. The oversized sweater
What to look for: A thick, heavy knit that’s oversized through the body but fits in the shoulders, so you don’t look like you’re wearing a hand-me-down from your grandpa.
2. The bucket bag
What to look for: The ’90s are back, but a little more luxe this time. A classic bucket bag, preferably in black leather or with some black-and-white patterning, holds everything without looking frumpy.
3. Faux fur
What to look for: Don’t bother with faux fur that’s aiming for real-fur appeal– go straight for colors not found in nature, wacky layering pieces, and oversized coats that Margot Tenenbaum would dig. Like we said, the ’90s are back.
4. The slouchy pant
What to look for: Try channeling Diane Keaton in Annie Hall for this one. You want a pant that’s high-waisted, slouchy through the thighs, then cuffed or cropped above the ankle.
5. Marled knits
What to look for: Black-and-white knits are particularly hot this year, especially in pullover shapes. Look for speckled versions in cool shapes.
What trend are you looking forward to trying out as the weather cools? Let us know in the comments!
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