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20 Fall Essentials You Need This Season (And How to Wear Them)

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Break out the apple-scented candles and treat yourself to the season’s first (but definitely not last) pumpkin spice latte because fall is finally here! It’s the absolute best time for fashion and creating new looks. Plus, we just added THOUSANDS of fall-ready styles to our Fall Shop. If you’re wondering what most thrifters are hunting for this season, you’re in luck! Here’s how to wear the top 20 essentials you’ll need for a cozy, stylish fall. Read on for fall wardrobe essentials and head to the Fall Shop to get everything you need to transform your closet in one easy-peasy place.

1. Chunky Sweaters



Hot girl summer? Make room for chunky sweater fall! Stay warm with a chunky fall sweater and straight leg jeans. Sweaters come in all materials, so make sure that you’re properly taking care of them! You can find all kinds of necklines as well, with one of our favorites being a turtleneck sweater. A chunky, oversized collar? Yes, please! Or, if you’re looking for more textural interest, a cable knit sweater is a classic upgrade.

2. Turtlenecks

This basic is a MUST in every closet for fall. Turtlenecks of all colors and patterns are a welcome plus to any layering formula. Wear a neutral turtleneck with jeans and patterned booties or wear a printed turtleneck under a plain dress. However you decide to style it, a turtleneck or two is an easy way to layer without bulking up.

3. Cardigans


A cute cardigan will be your new best friend this season. They’re the perfect staple to transition from summer to fall. Try an oversized cardigan over a tank top and high-rise jeans for cooler nights out, or wear one with your fave summer dress to make it fall-ready! 

4. Button-Downs



The best thing about button-downs is that they never go out of style. You can wear them season after season, and fall is no exception. From warm florals to seasonal plaid, a button-down in any color will give you that effortlessly sophisticated look you’re searching for. Try wearing one under a sweater to add a fun, preppy element to your outfit. Or pair it with stylish pants and a chic jacket to get this season started right. 

5. Plaid Shirts

Plaid shirts and flannels will forever be a fall staple. They are the perfect thing to wear out for errands or when going to the pumpkin patch! Pair a plaid shirt with jeans and neutral shoes for a quick and easy outfit. Because they’re so busy, you don’t want too many patterns clashing at once. To find your perfect flannel, go to shirts and choose plaid under the pattern category. 

6. Leather Jackets