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5 Easy Outfits for Getting Festival-Ready

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Music festivals. Food festivals. Film festivals. Whatever sort of festival you are going to this spring and summer, here are five creative festival outfits ideas for feeling comfortable and in style. As a fail-safe, shop our favorite spring styles to make sure your outfits are attuned to hot festival fashion.

1. Country Festival Essentials


My personal favorite types of festival are country music and food festivals. The routine consists of spending a whole weekend picnicking on the grass with my buddies and dancing barefoot in the grass all whilst wholesome tunes blast. For these events, I love wearing denim jackets with lace and crochet tops or dresses. Pair the outfit with sandals on more humid days, and throw on booties for drier days to protect your feet from sand and dust. Zara, GAP and Forever 21 can be counted on for having diverse collections! 

2. Rockstar Outfits


For the folks who want to sport some edgy festival clothing, the rocker chic outfit is your go-to. This look includes a rock t-shirt paired with a leather jacket and Doc-Martens-like combat boots. To tone it down a notch, a basic black or white tee paired with a denim skirt and sneakers look cute. Look out for cool rocker chic items from All Saints, American Apparel and ASOS. If your main objective is to instill some edge into your outfit, a classic black choker and smudged eyeliner will help achieve your goal! 

3. Indie Music Festival Essentials


The indie look is essentially anything you want it to be, encouraging the wearer to express her own uniqueness. When I ponder about indie fashion, Summer’s style from 500 Days of Summer pops into my mind. Colorful dresses with interesting patterns, tunics, maxi dresses and blouses with frills. These categories go stylishly with both sandals and sneakers, and a crossbody bag is the must-have for carrying all the items your pocketless clothing cannot. Pick and choose from Lucky Brand, Aqua and Banana Republic to get the look. 

4. Outfits for Family Activities


Family-friendly events call for modest festival wear. In anticipation of barbecue smoke, cute fussy children, throwing horseshoes and potentially getting your hands dirty, a gal should wear clothing and accessories that have lower rates of snagging, ripping and altogether falling apart. Think baseball game meets BBQ. This practical look involves a simple dress, sneakers and a sweater or jacket for tying around your waist. Glam up with some jewelry, and you’re good to go!  

5. Boho Style


Boho, short for bohemian, is inspired by free-spiritedness. The look secured a spot in the fashion scene in the early 2000s and since then, boho clothing essentials have spread into festival fashion in addition to quotidian fashion. The festival essentials for accomplishing this look include: embroidered boho dresses, peasant blouses, kimonos and sandals. As one of the more versatile styles, it incorporates almost every type of pattern and design: crochet, floral, fringes and embellishments. Free People and Anthropologie provide an on point selection. Have fun with dressing up—that’s what a free-spirit would do.


What outfits do you like wearing to festivals? What’s your favorite style of the five? Tell us in the comments below!