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GET IT TOGETHER: Easy Ideas For Getting Organized This Fall

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This time of year can feel like A LOT all at once, mainly because school’s back in session, and the days are getting shorter; maybe you’re in the mood for a change or a little bit of a rest. Here are some simple (and fun!) ideas for getting your self (and the family) together this fall.

Consider a yoga challenge. what?! To get organized? Yes, you heard right. We are suggesting a yoga challege for one of the busiest times of year. Yoga (and the mindfulness that comes with it) will help you get through. It just will. You’re never going to have Pinterest-perfect hyper-organized life, and that’s OK. Yoga will help you accept this.


This particular yoga challenge that were suggesting is just so darn doable. Yoga With Adriene is our favorite Youtube yoga instructor; she’s non-judgmental, relatable, and funny. Her 30-Day challenge consists of daily videos that are no longer than 30 minutes, sometimes only 10 minutes. Just do it!

Create an organized entryway and everything else will fall into place. Create a space for the family to store: keys, sunglasses, unopened mail, finished homework, unsigned permission slips. If the kids have emergency cell phones they can keep them here too.

If you… have no time and no money: we suggest one basket for each family member, one hook for each family member, a mirror, and a bench. Simply rearrange what you’ve already got.

If you… have a little time time and little bit of money, Life As Mama‘s idea consists of one calendar for each kid, a coat rack/shelf, baskets, last minute tissues and other toiletry items, and a little chest of drawers for odds ‘n ends.


If you… are renovating your house anyway and want the hardest working entryway/mudroom of all time, copy That’s My Letter (click over for the DIY!). Amazing.


Get an analog, old school planner. There’s something about crossing off items on your to-do list that is just so satisfying. For a lot of people, a planner is great way to get your thoughts and goals organized for the week, month, or year. It’s also a healthy idea to put your smartphone down from time to time. Here are some of our favorite deluxe analog planners.

  • Erin Condren: Great if you love fun colors, inspirational quotes, and thick high-quality paper.Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.42.33 PM
  • Day Designer: This is for you if love  a minimalist layout and need to schedule your day down to the minute. Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.43.36 PM.png
  • Simplified Planner: Similarl to the Day Designer, Simplifed Planner is also a down-to-the-hour planner. What’s different are the bright colors and simple inspirational quotes on each page. It’s a bit more fun! Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.44.32 PM.png
  • The most fun planner around. It will make you smile each time you open it. Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 4.45.43 PM

Sundays = Food Prep. Put on some Steely Dan (or Adele, whatever!) and hard boil eggs, blanch greens, cook up some brown rice or quinoa, grill and slice some chicken breasts, and cut up fruit. Put these healthy snacks at eye level (preferably in clear, colorless containers) so you don’t forget to eat them. On busy nights, make it a “bowl” night. That means you throw some grains in a bowl, add veg, protein and a delicious dressing, might we suggest Green Goddess?


Check out Food Network’s ideas for healthy meal prep.

These tips are simple, but life-changing. Enjoy and happy fall!