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Girls Night Out(fits)

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It’s GNO time! “Girls Night Out” on the town. One of the best parts about getting a new-to-you item or outfit is showing it to your girls friends. Everyone oo-ing and ah-ing and asking, “where did you get that?” Try one of these four outfit ideas, and snag a piece from thredUP to fill the gaps in your wardrobe. We guarantee you’ll be feeling yourself at GNO.

Sheer Blouse and Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are a great go-to, and adding a sheer blouse will only up the ante. The layers (you’ll have to put something under the blouse, considering it’s see-through) will keep you warm but the sheer material is a fun way to get a little dressed up.  You can find a variety of styles, including off-the-shoulder, button-ups, ruffled fronts, and high necklines. The best part? You can wear pretty much any shoes!

Dress and Boots

If you want to branch out from the jeans-plus-a-top formula, try a dress and boots pairing. You have lots of leeway with both components. For a winter girls’ night out outfit, you could go with an oversized sweater or a curve-hugging sheath, while a T-shirt dress or flowy fabric might be better for summer. Add a leather or denim jacket for some street-style pizzazz (and to keep you cozy). The height of the boots is also a fun variable to play with. Knee-high boots versus booties give off different vibes, and are both fun to try.

Skirt and Top Combo

Skirts! The underrated wardrobe piece. Also the perfect choice for a girls night out. Fun flirty, and so versatile. Go for a longer skirt with booties for a boho vibe, or a pencil skirt for a more classic look. Depending on the season and outing, your skirt-and-shirt combo will of course differ – perhaps a sweater with your skirt will be a perfect choice, or pair with sandals on a warm summer night.

Leather Pants and a Long Tunic

Should you decide to steer clear of dresses and skirts entirely, there’s no need to stick with jeans. Mix things up with some leather pants or leggings. A long tunic makes the perfect complement, and you’ll find plenty of different colors and styles to choose from. Pair a sheer feminine tunic with a cropped leather jacket or a sweater-and-lace tunic with cute flats. For an edgier feel, try a metallic fabric and heeled boots.

No matter which look you choose, take some time to make it your own. Browse thredUP for secondhand pieces to complete your outfit, from hats to shoes and everything in between. Your girl friends are the perfect group to experiment on!

What is your favorite activity to do with your girl friends, and what do you love to wear?