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You’ll Never Guess What Dazzling Item Came in Thredup Ambassador Tiffany’s Goody Box

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We’ve done it. We’re bringing you the best of both worlds. Exhibit A: the thredUP Goody Box service. Exhibit B: we got one of our ambassadors to try it out so you don’t have to (cue sigh of relief). Meet lovely thredUP ambassador and style blogger Tiffany of I Am Curvy Coils, she is giving us the inside scoop on her firsthand experience with the GB service, thank you queeen! The Goody Box is purely styled with you in mind by our team of stylists! If you’re unfamiliar with this life-changing personal styling service, get a load of this. First, choose whether you want to pick your fave style theme or craft your box of goodies, then answer a few questions regarding your sizing, budget and style preferences, and finally at your door arrives a box filled with handpicked items. Did we mention right to your door?! PLUS, you only pay for what you keep. Read on to find out from Tiffany just what goodies lurked behind those teal spotted walls. 

I shared my love for statement pieces as well as wardrobe basics/staples. I like to think of my style as Carrie Bradshaw meets J. Crew. I also communicated my love for various colors, fabrics and prints.

How long did the quiz take you?

The style quiz was very easy and fast, I’m sure it took me less than five minutes. 

What was a hit, what was a miss?

Honestly, everything in my box was a hit! After receiving my package, I’m convinced my stylist took the time to get to know me. The items included in my box felt very specific for me in regards to fit, my style and my favorited brands. 

What were you most excited to receive?

I was mostly excited to see what my stylist had curated for me —the excitement as I unboxed everything was so surreal. My stylist intentionally pieced each item together in my box to be worn alone and as buildable outfits.  

What made you want to get a Goody Box?

I absolutely love the idea of a Goody Box! Let’s be honest, having someone style me or intentionally select clothing that they think I’d love is such a win! Also the items are thrifted, it’s honestly more of a treasure box!

Would you recommend this to a friend?

Absolutely! Not only would I recommend a Goody Box to a friend, I think it’s such a great gift idea. Seriously, who wouldn’t want a personal stylist?

Which item do you think will get the most love?

The soft red Leigh puff sleeve sweater. Honestly, I’m horrible when it comes to sweaters because if you’ve seen one sweater, you’ve seen them all! But after trying this item on, I fell in love! Not only is the fabric glorious and the coziness gives me all the feels —but the puff sleeves make it such a statement piece. I’m sure this piece will be on heavy rotation. 

If subscribed, how often did you choose to receive this box? 

As far as frequency, I receive a Goody Box every 2-3 months. As I live in a climate where the seasons change, it’s always great to find pieces that fit to the ever changing temps. 

Which item fits your personality best?

By far, the Kate Spade Snakeskin Crossbody because anything animal print is definitely my jam!

What brands did you get? Any new faves?

From my box I received items from Rachel Roy, Lou & Grey, Leith, and Nine West. Though I was familiar with Rachel Roy, prior to receiving my box, I hadn’t had the opportunity to try on clothing from this brand. After trying on the leopard print dress from this brand, I fell in love! This brand will now be added to my saved searches. 

Did anything in your Goody Box surprise you? 

I was surprised to receive a standout RED leather jacket. While unboxing my Goody Box, my eyes lit up as I spotted the jacket. Not only does this piece command attention but it’s something I would’ve never picked out for myself. I’m glad I was able to try it out, particularly, as it is secondhand. 

Want a Goody Box for yourself? Take the style quiz!