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Guest Blogger: Tamara Muth King, professional photographer and kids’ style expert

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ThredUp 1

Ok, I know that most of the country is still knee deep in winter, cold weather, and some kind of water that falls from the sky. But, it isn’t too early too think about spring, cruise season, easter, or just some warmer temperatures. I had this great shot of siblings on the deck of all wood sailboat….it was mayhem when we shot this, all kinds of fun, and mischief pirate antics (wooden swords, hanging over the railing). They almost gave one parent (not me) a heart attack!

You would never know that they were screaming pirates, by the look of this composed image, but I just love the simplicity and versatility of what they are wearing. You don’t have to break the bank, break into a bank, rob a ship, or act like a pirate on the high seas to look as dashing as they do! You just have to click and buy on thredUP.

On our first mate/ her (she was older)- I love tunics! They are a top that can be worn almost forever. Since the length of a tunic is a bit longer, they have more life in them as kids grow. Her tunic cost as much as the entire ensemble would cost from thredUP! On the thredUP site, I found a Janie and Jack tunic for $15.49. On a cooler day throw a cardi over it, wear it with shorts when it’s super hot and sticky, or even over a fuller skirt for a twirly girl. I love white on kids, I know some people shy away from white, but it can be cleaned/ bleached/ put in the sun to bleach, and probably won’t fit from one spring/summer to next. So wear them, and wear them out! These Justice jeans on thredUP were a whopping $13.49. So, doing the math on this outfit, the whole shebang is $28.98.

Now onto our second mate/ him- Nothing looks better on a boy, than a collared shirt. They are just so classic, cool, forgiving with growth spurts, and easy to take care of. When sleeves are a little too short or too long, roll them. If you want them to be super cool, layer a bright t-shirt under it, or layer it under a long sleeve t-shirt. Wear them with shorts too please, it’s such a great look- have some fun with them. On thredUP, I found this great Arrow shirt for $9.99, and a hip pair of classic Gap jeans for $12.49. The math on this one is $22.49, less than the cost of just a pair of new jeans.

ThredUp-1 copy

Kids clothes are meant to be worn, so don’t be afraid to let your active, imaginative, wild things wear these ThredUp stylish ensembles. Not only will they look picture perfect, but they can play outside, hang over a ship, have a sword fight, and hit the high seas for spring 2013 in some style for a steal!

Tamara Muth King is a saltwater loving mother of two incredible teen daughters who is able to find the joy in everyday life. Professionally a commercial photographer for the past few decades, and personally a tomboy passionate about the beauty in simplicity, gorgeous light, and all things aquatic. Check out her blog and her photography site!