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Halloween Nail Art: Mild to Wild

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It’s October! If you haven’t come up with the perfect Halloween costume yet, don’t worry. We have an easy solution to looking festive without running out to the costume shop. Halloween nails! We’ve scoured Pinterest to find the the cutest, spookiest, and most glam DIY nail looks of the season — most of which can be created with only a thin brush and a couple of shades that you probably already own.

Mild: Harvest French Tips

These are pretty, festive and fun! Not to mention, super easy to create. All you need is a nude base and a shimmery orange for the tips! Pro tip: Use a pointed Q-tip dipped in polish remover to correct any smudges or mistakes.


Mild: Werewolf Claws

These are cute and clever, but subtle enough that they’d be acceptable at most workplaces. They’re also super easy to create. Use your favorite nude polish to paint a base on the whole nail. Once it’s dry, use a shiny black polish to paint the claws over it. Pro tip: to get the claws to come to perfect points, use sticky notes. Put the adhesive edge on your nail and paint over it to create the straight line. The adhesive is gentle, so it won’t mess us the base coat when you pull it off (just be sure the base is fully dried before you do it).

Werewolf Claw Nails  |  styleUP

Wild: Spooky Halloween Trees

We love this DIY because the finished product looks so complicated, but the steps are all pretty simple. You’ll need orange, a darker orange, red, and black polish, and a toothpick for drawing the tree and branches. Simply follow the steps pictured, and voila, spooky tree nails! Spooky Tree Nails  |  styleUP

Wilder: Jack Skellington Nails

We’re HUGE Nightmare Before Christmas fans over here, so naturally we couldn’t leave this tutorial out. Again, we love that the finished project looks complicated, but the steps are super easy.

Skeleton Nails  |  styleUP

Wildest: Frankenstein Nails!

So, green nails aren’t for everyone, but this monstrous DIY is too perfect to pass up. Paint a green base, then use a small bristle brush to paint on the faces. Bonus points for Frankenstein a different facial expression on each nail! Monster Nails  |  styleUP