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Here are the Only 8 Spring Wardrobe Essentials You Need

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Warmer temperatures in, colder temperatures out. It’s time to do the same with our winter and spring wardrobes. While winter demands heavy wool coats and cozy turtlenecks, spring chimes for floral dresses, short sleeve blouses, and skinny jeans, just to name a few. These classic and trendy essentials will give you enough outfit ideas to carry you into the new season. Gear up for cute spring outfits!

1. Floral Dresses

Spring dresses are the hot topics this and well, basically every temperature degree increase. Floral dresses come in all different types of patterns and cuts, merging the inherently girly pattern with various edgy cuts. Floral, a-line, flared, shift, wrap, bodycon and slip dresses are trending this season. Simultaneously trending are yellow dresses


Style Tips:
-Try throwing on a jean jacket and sandals to create the shabby chic look!
-Going somewhere hot? Wear it over your swimsuit as a cover-up.
-Turn your floral maxi into a floral midi or mini by splitting the two parts separated by the maxi’s slit and tying them up.

2. Tees

Tees look timeless paired with any pants, skirts and this season, layered under dresses. Throw it back to Clueless Cher’s iconic ’90s look: a t-shirt worn underneath a dress. Anticipate the nightly temperature drops and look fly in a spaghetti strap dress or cami by wearing a t-shirt of a contrasting color as your fashionable undershirt. 


Style Tips:
-One can never go wrong with pairing basic white t-shirts with blue or black denim.
-Tuck your baggy tee into high-waisted skirts or pants to create a more put-together look.
-Other than dresses and camis, wear colorful tees under strapless jumpsuits and rompers to create the colorblock look.

3. Blouses 

Because the weather isn’t fully ready for your tank tops and sleeveless tunics, blouses with sleeves are one way to participate in the warmer weather without freezing. A short sleeve, fitted blouse with skinny jeans and pumps is comfortable for dancing the night away while a long sleeve, flowy blouse with leggings and boots look chic for every day. A happy medium is the three-quarter sleeve blouse, which provides the extra tad of warmth on colder days. Shopping tip: when browsing on thredUP, filter your selection by your preferred sleeve length using the sleeve length filter at the top.


Style Tips:
-To define your gorgeous figure, tuck your flowy blouse into your jeans.
-Roll up the sleeves of long sleeve blouses to show off arm accessories!
-To make a tight skirt more casual, pair it with an untucked or half-tucked blouse.

4. Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans are the greatest thing since sliced bread. This style of jeans looks great with any top: both form-fitting and flowing tops. What other style of jeans can accomplish that? Distressed skinny jeans look amazing with plain t-shirts. Blue, black, and white skinny jeans look classic with both short and long sleeve blouses. 


Style Tips:
-Pair cropped skinny jeans with sneakers to get the sporty look.
-Want a lift? Pair high-rise skinny jeans with pumps!
-Brands with skinny jeans we love: Gap, Old Navy and J Brand.

5. Flats

Ever feel like you’d pay anything to trade your heels in for a pair of flats after your fifth hour in heels? I’ve been there! Flats provide the right amount of toe coverage and foot exposure, making it more formal than airy sandals and less restrictive than stilettos.


Style Tips:
-Choose a pair of flats with embellishments for easy transitioning from day to night.
-Carry some flats in your purse or leave a pair under your work desk to give your feet a break throughout the day!
-Flats and mules with playful patterns look stylish when paired with simple cropped pants.

6. Midi Skirts

A midi skirt and its ability to cover knees is the ideal piece to transition you from winter to spring. Like all the other members of the skirt department, there are tight midis made of stretchy spandex and loose midis made of chiffon and cotton. Whichever style of midi you choose, you sure won’t be as cold in it as you’d be in a mini skirt. 


Style Tips:
-To accentuate the waist, tie a belt around your midi skirt or wear a tank top.
-For formal occasions, look elegant by wearing camis and tighter blouses with midi dresses.
-Sport an oversized sweater with a midi skirt to throw it back to the ’90s.

7. Jean Jackets

Jean jackets are simple yet versatile. For the fickle temperatures, jean jackets’ fitted style and buttons you can leave unbuttoned provide both necessary warmth and chill. Coming in all washes and styles, jeans jackets are also a fun way to give girly dresses and skirts more edge.

Style Tips:
-To give a jean jacket more flair, sew on a couple funky patches.
-Jean Jacket + Bodysuit + High-waisted Jeans = the popular denim-on-denim look
-What are a blue jean jacket’s perfect matches? A white tee and black jeans!

8. Crossbody Bags

‘Tis the season both backyard barbecues and music festivals are happening. Crossbody bags scream “I’m a casual minimalist!”, freeing your hands at events by keeping safe all your life essentials in a compact bundle. Throw one on to complete your look!


Style Tips:
-Match a leather crossbody bag over a leather jacket to create the rocker chic look.
-Other fun bags: straw crossbody, hobo crossbody, bucket crossbody.
-Style a brown crossbody bag with a white article of clothing to make both colors pop!

This is our list of essential spring clothes and accessories. Do you have a favorite piece you love wearing that we forgot? Tell us about it in the comments below!