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Here’s Exactly What To Wear While Playing Pokémon Go

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Chances are high that you’ve already begun playing the viral, augmented reality game Pokémon Go, or you will soon hop aboard. Here at thredHQ, we are into it. It’s the right mix of nostalgic, addictive, and just plain cute.

Anyone who’s into the game knows that in order to play, you actually have to get out in the world and hunt for Pokémon – something that makes this digital phenomenon unique. And getting out there in the world means getting dressed. Something we’re pretty good at. Simply identify your personality below and then follow our directions for what to wear. Good luck!

1. ATHLEISURE:  You’d pick leggings over jeans any day and run errands in your Lululemon duds. 

To be a comfortable yet efficient Pokémon player, we suggest activewear made for summer weather. It’s hot out there, people. Grab a sporty tank, pair it with some breathable shorts, and finish it off with some cute thick-soled (but not high-heeled) sandals. This will leave you mobile and 100% ready to catch while remaining comfy. Not to mention, you can break out into a full sprint to catch those Deoxys with ease.


Madeline from marketing went for jeans and a simple knit tee for her office-meets-Poké look, captured on our Snapchat. (Follow us @thredUPlive!)

2. ALL BUSINESS: If you need to look meeting-ready at all times (and happen to run into Charmander on the bus ride to work). 

You might be thinking to yourself, how can I catch those Pokémon in my pencil skirt and button down blouse? We’ve got you covered. Try some wide leg trousers. They’re super flattering and perfect for walking briskly towards that Charizard in your office hallway. A chiffon blouse will leave you sweat-free; bonus points, literally, for a sleeveless one. We suggest sandals or flats to keep you agile yet put-together in a work setting. Watch out, Snorlax, we’re coming for you.

3. GAMER GIRL: If this is not your first rodeo (i.e. you’re a gamer). 

For the die-hard Pokémon player, we have the perfect urban safari outfit: Bermuda shorts, a v-neck tee, slip-ons, and of course, a baseball cap (red, ideally). We also strongly suggest tossing on a backpack. Matching your avatar is key, along with having plenty of storage for snacks, your water bottle, and heck, maybe even some real incense.Whether you’re in the train station, a museum, or the park, you’re ready to catch ’em all or battle it out in a gym.

Screen Shot 2016-07-15 at 1.21.55 PM

The aforementioned sleeveless chiffon blouse was definitely a good idea for catching this Spearow.

Now that you’ve figured out your outfit, we think you’re as ready as you’ll ever be to catch Pokemon. Just watch out for poles and cliff edges!