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Hey Thrifters, Whatcha Thinking About? Tell Us What’s Up

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Hey thrift queens,

There’s always a million and one things going on at thredUP. Whether it’s getting thousands of goodies up on the site, decluttering closets, hunting unique gems for a Goody Box, or drumming up fun promo games, Team thredUP is always looking out for ways to make choosing used the easy choice.

Out-of-box ideas and tons of passion go into what we do to delight you. There’s just one voice that’s missing. YOURS!

We’re reaching out to our amazing community of sustainable lovers, thrift enthusiasts, and treasure hunters to ask, what’s on your mind? Help us make thredUP an even better place to shop and be inspired.

Because we’re here on thrEDIT, that’s definitely top of mind! Are there any outfit tips we can give you? What sort of articles do you want to see here?

As for thredUP more generally, are there more shopping features we can work on? How about a charity you’d like to be included in our Donations Program? Or even a brand you’d LOVE to see in our partner program (like thredUP x Reformation). We wanna know.

Thanks so much for being a part of our awesome community. Tell us what you’d like to see from us in the comments below!

Stay thrifty,

Team thredUP