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6 Stress-Free Holiday thredUP Hacks to Win Gifting Season

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The season of small talk, much-needed spiced drinks, and foot-long shopping lists is upon us. This year has been especially stressful (2019, we miss you!) and the holidays will be no different. If you’re shopping on thredUP for yourself or loved ones, here are some handy tips that will help you not just survive, but THRIVE through the holidays.

1. First of All, Deep Breaths



The holidays may be a sprint, but 2020 has been a marathon. Treat yourself kindly! Make a list of to do’s so you don’t get overwhelmed and take many breaks. Stay safe, skip the crowds, and shop from the couch (wine necessary), the best deals are going to be online. Make gifting even easier and less wasteful by simply asking what people want instead of guessing. There are better, sustainable ways to let someone know you care other than giving them another pair of socks.

2. Start Early



As the saying goes, the early thrifter gets the deals. Doorbuster deals are ALREADY happening and the best part is that they’re all online! Get your gift shopping done early to get everything on your list, or risk missing out on the big deals. Of course, there’s always the last-minute zero-stress option, thrift gift cards (wink, wink)! Plus, shopping early ensures you’ll get all your items in time.

3. Bundle It Up


Not in a rush to get all your goodies? Choose Buy & Bundle at checkout! It’s the best shipping option that will save you cash, the planet, and your mail carrier’s back. When you start a bundle, any orders you make in the next seven days are consolidated and shipped at the same time. That means you get an extra seven days to hit the free shipping threshold, and WE get to send one less package into the world.

4. Thrift Good, Gift Good



Holiday karma? Yes, please. The holidays tend to be one of the most wasteful seaons of the year, so gifting consciously counts for a lot! Choosing a used gift over new cuts its waste, water, and carbon footprints by 82%. Plus, you’ll get a lot more bang for your buck (hello designer handbags!). Shopping for a picky fashionista? Send them a return-proof thrift gift card instead.

5. Shop the Best Savings



Did you know? You can get better deals fast by shopping the “My Home Warehouse” filter. These closer-to-you deals don’t have an additional surcharge that usually covers items being shipped from warehouses that are farther away. You won’t be shopping our full inventory, but you’ll still see plenty of gift-worthy deals

6. Treat Yourself Too


#1 is so important, we saying it twice! The holidays are the busiest time of the year, but it’s always good to leave space (and budget) for yourself. In fact, save some time and let us hunt for you instead. With our Goody Boxes, you can have one of our stylists do the work, or you can try before you buy your own picks. Free shipping and returns!

The 2020 curveballs keep coming. How are you tackling the holidays? Let us know in the comments below!