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Holiday Style With Home Stylist Emily Henderson

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Emily Henderson knows how to deliver on big style without needing a big budget. The Los Angeles-based designer, best-selling author, and HGTV host has a gift for seamlessly mixing high and low and can spot a vintage gem about a mile away, a knack that comes in handy for both home and personal style.

For those of us already in the throes of holiday merriment, decorating the house (and yourself) for all the upcoming festivities can seem an impossible task. Today, Emily shares three festive outfits, a few quick tips on holiday style, and how to stay chic while playing hostess.


You threw the party, so be the life of the party! Look for bright prints, like florals, to liven up your look.


Ring in the new year wearing something bold and bright. Then, amp it up with a flash of sparkle.


It’s a closet classic. Revamp your little black dress for any occasion with printed and colorful accessories.

How would you describe your style, and how does your style relate to your home style?
My style is happy, vintage inspired, collected, and approachable. Nothing too fussy, mostly relaxed, and hopefully with a new take or an edge that keeps it feeling new. That is exactly my home style, too!

What are your thoughts on sequins for the holiday…home and dress?
Ooh, I say go for it if it’s your style. Two Christmases ago I did a glam holiday makeover in my house and it was awesome—with lots of sparkle. And if you can handle it in your home, you can certainly handle it on your body—so get that sequin cocktail dress!

Do you have any outfit tips for those hosting a holiday event or heading to a NYE party?I always have to question: “Do I want to look fashion forward and stylish OR comfortable OR flattering?” It’s hard. My husband Brian wants me to wear things that are more fitted and you know, lower cut, but sometimes that feels cheesy and not terribly comfortable. I’d say show off the body part you are the most comfortable with and keep the rest of the outfit more comfortable. For me, I tend to go bare leg and wear something shorter, but not too fitted. It helps me not feel like I’m going to church, but I’m still comfortable and not revealing too much.

How do you stay organized during the holiday season?
We do the same thing over and over. And, for instance, I don’t buy a ton of different crazy cocktail party outfits. I generally just have a couple go-tos, repeat them, and shake up the accessories and shoes. Also I have an amazing team of people who help me very much with my life, so I rely on them even more during the holidays to keep me sane.