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3 Style Tips You Can Steal From Your Home

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HGTV home stylist and fashion guru Emily Henderson knows a thing or two about putting together a room and an outfit. So we asked her for advice on how to style one of spring’s trickier trends: mixing bold patterns and textures. Now you can do it too, just like a pro.

As a home stylist, I love mixing colors and patterns and textures and just a ton of personality into each space. But I follow a few rules to make sure it looks cohesive and beautiful. For your wardrobe, these same rules apply!

Mixing patterns can be tricky, because if they compete too much, it will look really chaotic. I either mix large scale with small scale, or you can do what I did today, which is mixing something really bold with something more tonal.

Another way to break up two busy patterns is to layer on something simple and solid, like this cute cropped blue top (via thredUP, originally from Zara)!


Mixing textures is key to adding depth and interest to any room or an outfit. It adds style and personality but in a more pulled back subtle way.


Get ready to walk the walk: We’re launching a super fun Pinterest contest in a few days where you can show us your style skills for a chance to win big! (Bonus: Even if you don’t win, you’ll get a ton of free inspiration!)

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