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How To: Achieve Your 2017 #Goals With Really Cute (And Really Affordable) Activewear

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OK, so let’s be real. Cute activewear is only one small piece of the puzzle that will get you to finally stick to a real and sustainable workout schedule that lasts a lifetime. What will truly get you to start and keeping on working out? We think these two things are most important:

  1. Find a workout you enjoy! The key here is to try different things. Some women prefer dance classes, so Zumba and Hip Hop class keeps their hearts pumping. For others, running is the best choice because it be done anytime, anywhere. And for others, workouts need to be pleasant “me-time,” that’s where yoga and barre come in.
  2. Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize. Add youR workouts to your family Google calendar, pencil them into your day planner, and think of them as non-negotiables, like a work obligation or an appointment at the doctor. Do this and never look back. Your health comes first.

Now for the fun part! Having super cute workout clothes will actually help you both enjoy and make time for your workouts. Sounds like a little crazy, but we swear it’s true.

Not only will wearing flattering and high-quality workout wear improve your performance and make your feel better during class, it will also help you make time for working out. Why? Because if you feel comfortable running errands, getting brunch, and picking up the kiddos in your activewear (generally seeing and being seen), that makes it so you can squeeze in that much-needed pilates class while the kids are at a birthday party.