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How to Become a Discount Queen!

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The following post was contributed by our friends at Discount Queens!

As women, we all know what it’s like to have been duped. All of those bedtime fairytales lead us to believe that our prince will show up and sweep us away. As adults, we know that’s highly unlikely! So, it’s time to take matters into our own hands and create our own brand of royalty! If you’ve ever spent time couponing, you’d know there’s something special about it. You can be the Queen of Your Castle in no time flat. The education is free and so are the savings; It really is just a matter of investing in yourself.

Boost your self-image with money in the bank and some much-needed pampering, all while knowing that YOU (not a prince) made it happen. Once you get the hang of couponing (be patient with yourself, it could take a little while to get it figured out!), you’ll get to enjoy things you might not have been able to enjoy before! You will have plenty of food in the fridge, you’ll never (ever) pay retail again, you’ll enjoy better health (because you can now afford those fruits and veggies), you’ll experience less stress (because you’re not broke), and you’ll finally have money for the extras like getting your nails done or be able to hire someone to come in and clean the house every other week. The possibilities are endless!

Making a lifestyle change for the better is often daunting at first. But, imagining all of the perks that this lifestyle change brings are great motivators! Do you have a part-time job right now? How much does it pay? How fun is it to get up on a cold morning, leave the house and go to work day after day? How much are you spending on gasoline and grab-n-go breakfast, lunch, and dinner? You could feasibly save enough money to equal a part-time job’s paycheck. That’s right! Depending on how well you play the coupon game, you could have money in the bank, food in the fridge, and cans in the pantry all because you were a smarty. Want to go on vacation? Need a new car? Couponing could just be your golden ticket.

So…are you ready to live like a royal?

To get started, click here.

To print coupons off your PC (You’ll need to make sure you’ve got a color cartridge for this), click here.

Get the latest tips and tricks from fellow Facebookers on couponing pages here.

Warning: Couponing is like a game, and it can become addictive (and even a little competitive). Possible side effects are: added wealth, confidence, an overstocked pantry, sharing goods, giving to charities, happy and healthy families, new homes and cars, wardrobe makeovers and incredible vacations to places you’ve never been before!