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HOW TO: Clean Out Your Closet & Wear (Only!) What You Love

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In the age of fashion fashion and retailers who restock racks with new trends every week, the biggest issue we face isn’t fashion fomo — it’s #throwmo, the fear of throwing out.

Of the 164 items in our closets, we’re only wearing 49 of them. That means over 80% of our closets never see the light of day. It’s time we start putting the things that are out of sight at top of mind.

OK, well that’s all well and good, but wow do I know if I’m a victim of #throwmo, you ask? Read on. If you answered yes to, well, any of these, it’s time to take our quiz and learn to just. let. go. Read on!

You have #throwmo if….
1. You’ve run out of hangers for all your guilty purchases. Eek!

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2. You finally realize the thrill of owning a unique piece has finally worn off.

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3. Despite all of the clothing piles scattered throughout your house, you still feel like you have nothing to wear.

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4. If your closet could talk, what would it say about you?


What happens behind closet doors shouldn’t stay behind closet doors. Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and give your closet the cleanse it’s been asking for? Take our closet guide quiz to refresh your closet with more of what you love (and get rid of what you don’t). 

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