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How to Make a Scrunchie From Recycled Fabric

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It’s a DIY kind of summer and we’re totally up for the challenge. Revamping your wardrobe is a great way to stay busy and creative if you’re still spending a lot of time at home. We’ve already shared our tie dye secrets and denim upcycling tips… so what’s next?

Next up in our Sustainable Summer DIY Series is scrunchies! If you’re looking to add a little pop to an outfit, scrunchies are the way to go. Whether you’re wearing one in your hair or around your wrist, you’ll want to have a few to choose from. Lucky for you, they’re super easy to make from any fabric you have, or from clothes you no longer want. Put your fabric scraps to good use by turning them into a unique accessory. If you’re still searching for fabric with a pattern you love, check out our site and filter by price to find affordable materials for your next DIY venture.

You can also check out our Rescue Boxes for DIY materials. Rescues give clothes that need a little TLC a second chance at life, either in your closet or for something entirely different. You can buy boxes of scarves, denim items, T-shirts, and more. Every box will surprise you with over twenty unique items or you can shop by the pound.


You’ll Need:
— Tape measure
— Fabric
— Scissors
— Elastic
— Safety pin
— Needle/thread
— Fabric glue


1. Cut Fabric into a 2.5 x 22 inch strip.
2. Fold fabric lengthwise so it’s inside out and pin along the middle.

3. Sew or glue a straight line across the hem and remove the pins once you’re done.

4. Pull the fabric right side out.
5. Cut a 9-inch piece of elastic and attach a safety pin to the end.

6. Thread the elastic through the fabric, then remove the pin.

7. Tie both ends of the elastic together in a knot.
8. Fold in both edges of the fabric to create a hem and secure with a pin.
9. Sew or glue straight across to secure the two sides and remove the pin.
10. If you used glue, allow the glue to dry, then your scrunchie is ready to wear!

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Show us how you wear scrunchies with the hashtag #secondhandfirst. What has been your favorite DIY project so far? Tell us in the comments below.