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HOW TO: Have A Great Halloween (On A Budget!)

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Just because you’re pressed for time and money, or are just darn fed up with some of the more wasteful aspects of the holiday, doesn’t mean you can’t have a great Halloween. Read on for budget and planet-friendly ideas for creating meaningful, fun, and (let’s be honest) hilarious memories with your family and friends.

1. Don’t buy a costume! DIY with what you already own. Many children’s and adult’s packaged costumes are overpriced and low quality. We suggest DIYing something simple if you’re short on time. Here are a few of our favorite (and super easy) ideas.

For the kids:’s list of DIY kids’ costumes is very cute, but be warned that most of the costumes will require a trip to the hardware or craft store. If you have time for that, definitely check this out. We had to call attention to this Carl from “UP” costume. It’s too good!


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If you’re pressed for time and money,’s list of last-minute kids’ costumes is worth a look. We especially love the idea of the movie star costume—feather boa, sunglasses, done!

For you:

POPSUGAR’S Silent Film Star costume is just creepy enough without being too creepy. Use black clothing you already own!

Pop culture junkie? This list from includes how-to’s for Beyoncé, Kendall Jenner, and Simone Biles all constructed from what you already have in your closet.

Similarly, Brit + Co has compiled “44 Halloween Costumes You Already Own.” It’s endlessly useful! We love the party animal idea, but we’d trade face paint and animal ears for the masks.


Photo from Brit + Co.

2. Buy a pumpkin from a local pumpkin patch. You’ll feel connected with your community, it will be a great teaching moment for your kids, and you’ll cut down on that pumpkin’s carbon footprint!

3. Roast your pumpkin seeds for a great snack! Before you throw your jack-o-lantern’s seeds in the compost pile, rinse them off, dry them, and toss with olive oil, salt, and spices. Then, roast the seeds in a 300º oven for 30-45 minutes.


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4. Opt for face paint instead of masks for your kids. They’ll have better visibility, which is safer at night. Also, masks can be expensive for something that’s only worn once! There are a ton of great Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube, so you’re bound to find one perfect for your or your child’s costume!

5. Consider waste-free decorations. When we saw that Erin from Reading My Tea Leaves wrote a post about zero-waste fall decor, we were intrigued! Erin suggests piling edible winter squashes on the table for decor. She says, “In our house, we’re on a weekly look at ’em, cook ’em, replenish ’em at the farmer’s market on Saturday morning cycle and it’s keeping us both well fed and festive.”


Photo from Erin Boyle of “Reading My Tea Leaves.”

Try decorating your home with sugar pumpkins, Kobucha Squash, butternut squash and Black Futsu squash. If you need a recipe, we’re currently obsessed with butternut squash alfredo (so creamy, no cream!).

What are you dressing as for Halloween?