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How to Have a Scary Good Green Halloween (On a Budget!)

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Pressed for time and money? Tired of the scary amounts of waste the holiday produces? Look no further than our guide to having a great Halloween that’s budget- and planet-friendly.

Read on for fun ideas for creating amazing kids’ costumes (from your own closet and thrift!), cute decoration alternatives, and even a yummy post jack-o-lantern snack!

1. Thrift or Shop Your Own Closet!

New costumes every year adds up. Not only are they prohibitively expensive, they’re usually only worn once! Imagine how much clothes end up in landfill from just ONE night. A frightening amount! So be kinder to the earth and your wallet, here are some of our favorite DIY ideas using clothes you already have or clothes you can thrift.

— Take inspiration from pop culture! TV shows offer a wealth of characters to dress up as, and most of their look could very well be easily pieced together with stuff from your closet!

— Think simple! Black is chic all year round, folks, ESPECIALLY Halloween. A quick costume could be scared up with any black clothes you have (which is probably a lot). Check out our all-black no-stress costume guide for more ideas.

2. Thrift or Shop Your Kids’ Closet, Too!

Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays for the little ones, so a green and budget-friendly kids’ costume calls for a little more creativity. For super hacky ideas, you can look to 5 DIY kids’ costumes made with just cardboard boxes. We also asked blogger mama Meg of Gingy Love to share some of her favorite Halloween costumes she’s made for her adorable daughter, Tinley.


Meg repurposed a tutu from a previous thredUP order with a onesie. She DIYed the graphic and some sparkly silver elements. To finish off the outfit, she added eye-catching tights for a super cute, magical look! She sure knows how to accessorize!  

Minnie Mouse:

Meg scored Tinley a pair of Melissa shoes (from us for $26!) and couldn’t wait to show them off. With polka dots trending, a Minnie Mouse outfit seemed like the way to go! She searched for polka dot items in thredUP’s kids’ section to complete the look. Paired alongside a hat, this costume would be perfect for chilly nights and can be worn all winter long!

3. Buy a Pumpkin Locally

For your jack-o-lantern needs this year, go to your local pumpkin patch instead of buying pumpkins from the store. You’ll feel more connected with your community AND cut down on that pumpkin’s carbon footprint! Plus, it’s a great way to spend the day with family! Imagine all the photo ops you’ll have.

4. Roast Your Pumpkin Seeds


Carving jack-o-lanterns? Save the seeds for a post-carving snack! Rinse them, dry them, and toss them with olive oil, salt, and spices. Then, roast the seeds in a 300º oven for 30-45 minutes. Get creative with your mixes. For a more savoury snack, add Italian seasoning and parmesan. For those with a sweet tooth, mix seeds with brown sugar and cinnamon. And for the spice lovers, throw in some cajun seasoning and lime zest. Yum!

5. Use Waste-Free Decorations

Instead of buying MORE Halloween decorations, take out the cobwebs and creepy wall decorations of yesteryear. Even better, get the whole family together to craft some DIY decorations to use and cherish for many years to come.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated vibe that also guarantees zero waste, consider decorating your home with edible squashes like Erin of Reading My Tea Leaves in her post about zero-waste fall decor! It’ll keep your home well fed and festive. Need some recipe inspiration? We’re currently obsessed with butternut squash alfredo.

-We’re all about less waste, even during the holidays! How do you stay green during Halloween? Share your best DIY ideas in the comments below. 

-For more Halloween costumes for toddlers ideas, check out this blog post