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5 Ways To Incorporate Metallics Into Your Wardrobe

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We’re all about metallics, be them accessories, sweaters, or even coated denim. In fact, while not technically a color, metallics are August’s Color Collective!  Our team has even curated an entire have an entire metallics shop.

From rose gold to brass to silver, there’s something fun and edgy about adding a little metal to your ensemble. That being said, it can also be tricky. Too much metallic in an outfit and suddenly you’re giving off Tinman vibes. Not good. We’ve gathered a few tips on how exactly to bring on that bling.

1. Use it as an accent. Your shiny piece need not be the main event of your #ootd. Think of it instead as can be the opening band in the concert that is your killer outfit. Blogger Lana Dmitruks takes an adorable white frock here and uses copper as an accent.


2. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize. It’s a not-so-secret secret that metallics and leather are a match made in heaven. So we suggest capitalizing on that fashion fact and accessorizing with metallic shoes and handbags, like style maven Elizabeth Hugen does here.


3. Select pieces that are part metallics, part, um, not metallics. Metallics can be a little in-your-face sometimes, but wearing an item that isn’t 100% shiny is a great way to incorporate it without going overboard. Naomi of Isn’t It Darling is perfecting this balance with a pleated silver skirt. 50% bling, 100% fabulous.


4. Opt for a more traditional piece. Take a blazer, for example. A traditional wardrobe staple, but not always a showstopper. Add some gold to that blazer, like Johanna Grange did here, and you just upped your game tenfold.


5. Birds of a metallic feather flock together. Match your metallics with similar hues for a two-toned look without going overboard. Try rose gold and light pink, or grey and silver like Sandy Bodeau‘s outfit here.  


 Now you tell us, which tip will you be trying?