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9 Ways To Kick Off A Great Football Party

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The #SuperBowl50 is upon us, which means exactly one thing: time to throw a party! In case you need some tips on how to go about this endeavor, we’ve gathered some ideas on food, drink, decor and of course, fashion. Enough punting, let’s tackle this event and score a football fiesta touchdown. 🏈🎉

superbowl-party1.jpg1. First things first: food. Obviously a party is not a party without the perfect snacks and dishes. Perhaps you’re in the mood to bake cupcakes that ooze team colors.

2. Up your nacho game with these Korean nachos – they’re definitely something to write home about.


3. Feeling frazzled? This entire list of food to make from Buzzfeed has got you covered.

4. One more thing while we’re discussing food: please consider making deviled eggs that look like footballs. Not only are these delicious, they’re adorable.


5. Next on the list: drinks.  Of course, beer is a no-brainer, a crowd pleaser, and a timeless classic. Kick it up on a notch with some local craft brew in addition those big-name classics your guests will expect.

6.This game is hours long, so we also suggest sipping on low-alcohol cocktail from this list. We’re partial to the Nacho Vidal, because it will pair so well with those aforementioned Korean nachos.


Decor: No need to go overboard (or in to overtime…) but a few key pieces of flair will football-ize your home. Here are our favorite easy-peasy decorations from Pinterest:


7. Decorated silverware cups


8. Game day water cooler

9. Last but not least, fashion. One must look the part to watch the game, naturally. To put you in the mood, watch the evolution of half-time show fashion. Then browse these five “chic but chill” outfit possibilities from Marie Claire. If nothing else, we suggest sporting a jersey of either team and buying a matching lighted koozi.

photo (12).png

Happy game day, everyone! Let us know your favorite football traditions in the comments section.