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How to Layer for Cold Weather: Why Sweaters & Coats Will be Your Top Outfit Combo

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The weather may be cooling, but that doesn’t mean your days of fashion-forward dressing are over. While it’s tempting to grab the bulkiest, warmest coat you have and wear it every day, there are funner ways to stay warm (and cute!) for cold weather. Our secret is strategic layering with different sweater and coat styles. Whether you’re going for a chic oversized blazer or an athleisure puffer, there’s a layered look for you. Check out our five must-try sweater and outerwear combos for every occasion. 

1. Plaid Blazer + Thin Sweater



If you’re looking for a classy chic look, you can’t go wrong with a bold blazer. Plaid is always in for fall, especially when you pair it with denim. Try mixing and matching different bold prints to really showcase your style. Bring your fave summer tanks right into fall when you wear them over a thin sweater. You’ll stay warm AND look cute. Win win. Last but not least, step out in a pair of leather loafers to complete this upscale look. 

Style Tips:
— If you want to wear jeans, but are worried about getting too cold, invest in a pair of thermal leggings to wear underneath!
— Sizing up with an oversized blazer will make room for more layers and give a more relaxed feel.

2. Knee-Length Coat + Turtleneck



A knee-length coat is essential to every wardrobe. It will keep you warm all season long and is perfect for layering. Try experimenting with a two-tone look by wearing different shades of your go-to color. We love soft pastels just as much as warm tones—any excuse to add a pop of color to your layered looks! Try wearing a classic turtleneck under a lighter-toned jacket with your fave pair of ankle-length jeans. Don’t forget a pair of leather ankle booties to match!

Style Tips:
— Different widths of lapels will give your jackets a different feel. A wider lapel is best for a fashion statement, while a skinny lapel is more slimming. A moderate lapel is timeless and classic—a good investment if you plan to wear your coats season after season.
— Wool socks look super cute peeking out of your ankle boots, and will keep you extra warm all day long.

3. Fuzzy Jacket + Cable-Knit Sweater



 One of our favorite parts about dressing for winter is pulling out those fuzzy jackets. Just because the weather is blah, doesn’t mean your style has to be. Why not go for a bold jacket this season? Pick your fave color to wear over a cable-knit sweater to stay warm and cozy all day. Layering with different sweater textures can give each of your outfits a whole different look. Top it off with a beanie and you’ll be rocking the comfy chic look in no time.

Style Tip:
— Fuzzy jackets are definitely a statement, so try experimenting with different colors. Tone it down by wearing a neutral jacket like chestnut or black, or tone it up with a brighter color like pink or white.

4. Camel Coat + Zip Sweater



We love a longer coat because of how many layers you can fit under it! Change up your sweater game with a quarter-zip sweater underneath to add a sporty edge to your outfit. Plus, you can never go wrong with a pair of straight-leg pants and ankle boots. Try accessorizing with a fedora, infinity scarf, or both!

Style Tip:
— You only need to invest in one stylish winter coat. Make it look different every time by wearing different layers underneath and adding bold accessories.

5. Puffer Jacket + Fleece Sweater



A puffer jacket or vest is just what you need to rock the athleisure look. Stay warm on-the-go by wearing a puffer jacket over a fleece henley or pullover sweater. These lightweight layers are easy to put on and take off during your daily walks or runs. Complete this wear-anywhere look with a pair of leggings and sneakers.

Style Tip:
— When it comes to athleisure, matching sets are so in. Matching your sweater to your leggings will take your outfit to the next level.

Do you have a go-to layered look? We want to know how you dress for cooler weather. Let us know in the comments below!