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The Fashion Girl’s Guide To When To Splurge And When To Save

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We’re going to play a little game. Here’s the scenario: You have $100 to shop on thredUP, and you’re trying to figure out how to get the most bang for your buck. By that, we mean the right mix of more expensive but totally worth-it items along side brand-name pieces that happen to be super affordable when bought secondhand.

First thing’s first, let’s start with tops. Tops are a great place to save. You can find perfect-for-work button-downs, everyday blouses, and tanks for between $5 and $25 dollars. Let’s say you pick up a shirt for $12, you still have the majority of your budget. Incredible.

Next are dresses. Granted, sometimes you search and search the perfect little number, and finally find one that’s pricey yet perfect. In that case, by all means, splurge away. Nothing feels better than putting on a dress that was made for your body and knocking the socks off an entire room of people, #slay. But dresses on thredUP are a great place to save a little cash and still get a great brand-name item. If you know which brands work best for you, try searching by them when in the “dresses” category (see blow).

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Let’s say you find one for around $20, now we’re up to $32 and still have $68 to go. Rock on.

Last thing to save on might come as a surprise: jeans. Now, let us set the record straight. Jeans are THE most versatile of items pretty much… ever, so some may argue they are 100% splurge-worthy. Those who argue that aren’t wrong, they just might not be taking full advantage of the thredUP denim section. The same brands that you would find retailing at $150+ are on thredUP for around $30. For example, AG or J Brand jeans. There are plenty of Gap jeans for $7.99 – grab a pair of those and we have $60 to splurge on. Now comes the really fun part.

Splurge-time! The best news is that you’re barely even splurging, because you’re about to get four items for the price of one retail splurge. Ok, onward.

We’ll give you three choices here, because chances are you aren’t in dire need of any of these and can be a little more selective.

#1. Handbags

A vessel to carry all of your personal belongings. A way to express your personal style. An outfit-maker, if you will. A great handbag will last you ages. It’s worth a little extra money, trust us.

#2. Outerwear

Coats and jackets are another great category to go big on. A jacket is like a bra – you wear it everyday – except it’s always visible. You’ll also want a quality jacket to keep you cozy and warm. Quality is the name of the game here; no one wants to be stuck in bad weather with a coat that doesn’t keep you warm. Zara and J.Crew are both great brands to peruse for a coat.

#3. Shoes

A fabulous pair of shoes will take you far, literally. The cost per wear on a pricier but adorable (and preferably comfortable) shoe will end up being microscopic because you’ll wear them all the time. To quickly narrow down your search, put in your size and peruse to your heart’s delight.

You can definitely find any of those three options for around $60 on thredUP, or maybe even cheaper! In this scenario, you’ve just scored four pieces – now time to clean out that closet and make room for the like-new goodies!

Tell us, what are your favorite items to save on and splurge on?