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How To Save Over $1,000 A Year On Clothing

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(We’re going to let you in on a little secret for scoring up to 90% off all your favorite brands. Keep reading to find out.)

Whoever said you have to sacrifice personal style when shopping on a budget?

Seasoned resale shoppers would tell you no statement could be further from the truth. And we agree. Secondhand has been the fashion industry’s best-kept secret for decades. But turning to the stylish archives of seasons past is no longer reserved for the runways—it’s becoming the new go-to for recreating all of the latest looks without burning through your budget. Here’s how it works.

Everyone from busy moms to style seekers are turning in their retail shopping habits for online resale sites like thredUP to find clothes they can live in at prices they can’t live without. If you only shopped secondhand for a year, you’d save a total of $1,350…not to mention several trips to the mall. What does that look like exactly? Let’s break it down and do the math.


thredUP Price: $30.99
Retail Price: $119
You Save: $88

A Madewell dress that would normally cost you $119 at the mall, you can find on thredUP for $30.99.


thredUP Price: $20.99
Retail Price: $98
You Save: $77

The stylish J.Crew sweater you’ve been eyeing you can snag secondhand for $20.

thredUP Price: $16.99
Retail Price: $70
You save: $53

You don’t have to spend $70 on that pair of Gap jeans your closet has been craving when there are hundreds of styles under $20 that look so good you might mistake them as new.

thredUP Price: $31.99
Retail Price: $149
You save: $117

And those Anthropologie tops that are perfect for your work dress code you can find up to 90% off retail price…with the original tags still attached.

thredUP adds 10,000 like-new arrivals like these. Every. Single. Day. That’s more new arrivals than Zara, H&M, and Forever 21 put together. Visit thredUP today and get an extra 40% off your first secondhand find when you use code SAVE40, and tell us in the comments how much you saved (SAVE40 for first time customers only, discount up to $50 off!).