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Yes, Yes, and Yes! You Can Afford A Designer Handbag

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Here’s the thing about designer handbags. Not only are they made from the highest quality materials, but they are often an entry into a brand that you love but couldn’t otherwise afford to buy from. It’s hard to justify buying a dress from a high-end designer that you’ll only wear once. But a handbag is a different story. You carry it everywhere and often for years. But yes, they are still expensive and out of reach for many of us. That’s why buying a designer handbag secondhand is so great. Here are some tips and tricks to finding the handbag of your designer dreams.

Tip #1: Choose a bag from a brand that resonates with you

Quality is important first and foremost, but most designer handbags are made from the highest quality materials and hardware to begin with. So, choosing a particular handbag brand or designer is more of an emotional purchase. Do you love what the brand stands for? Maybe you want to be a part of Stella McCartney’s eco-friendly world and make a statement for the Earth. Or you just love the branding of Gucci, Prada, or Marc Jacobs. You want to pick a bag that feels an extension of you, not just the one that every celebrity carries. Unless of course, that’s your jam.

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Tip #2: Take note of sizes and measurements.

It’s sometimes hard to tell the exact size of a handbag online, so be sure to check out all the measurements listed to help you decide. Click on all the available images, especially the ones that show the bag on a mannequin so you can see where it might sit on your body. From clutches to totes to weekend bags, it’s important to see if that bag fits your lifestyle.

Tip #3: Use Saved Searches to score your IT bag

Have you been waiting forever to score that classic Prada bag or wallet? Try saved searches—they’re our best secondhand secret. Choose the filters you want to save (for example Prada bags under $300) or enter exactly what you’re looking for in the search bar. If we don’t have the bag you want in stock right now, we’ll send you an email or push notification the moment it hits our site. You can always find all your saved searches under the bookmark icon in the top navigation.

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Tip #4: Use the Auto-Buy feature.

Handbags are a hot commodity around here. In fact, sometimes it only takes a few hours or less before an in-demand handbag gets snatched up in someone’s cart. If you want to see all the handbags that are in someone else’s cart, you can filter by In Someone’s Cart in the left navigation bar.

Once it’s in a cart, it’s not lost to you forever. If you know you 100% want it, click on AUTO-BUY on the product detail page to automatically purchase the item if it gets released.  And if you just want to get notified when the item gets released, that works too. Just click on GET NOTIFIED and we’ll send you an email or push notification the second it’s free.

Tip #5: Try Affirm (the best payment plan!)

When you absolutely have to have the bag but you can’t really afford it at the moment, try Affirm. You can spread your payments out over 3 months with no interest or hidden fees. When you’re shopping secondhand, you can’t always wait until that direct deposit hits. Payment can wait. Your new handbag can’t. For more info visit, here.

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Tip #6: Gift a Luxe handbag

Yes, yes, and yes you can gift a Gucci handbag. That’s what’s so great about shopping secondhand! The best way to help people get over the stigma of buying used is to show them how great it is. Who is going to be upset about receiving a perfectly pre-loved Kate Spade handbag or wallet? Probably NO ONE. Get ideas here in our #NoNewGifts holiday guide.

Do you have any must-try tips for scoring a designer handbag? Tell us in the comments below!